Which US Assistive Tech Startups Are Breaking Boundaries in 2023?


Assistive technology is evolving at a rapid pace and creating accessible solutions for individuals facing physical and cognitive challenges. In the United States, countless startups are at the forefront of this transformative field – harnessing technology to improve and even save lives. From enhancing vision and hearing to developing personal assistant services, this sector is revolutionizing how we perceive and address individual needs. This article, aimed at the readers of StartupBubble.news, showcases some of the most innovative and exciting assistive tech startups from across the united states.

Lundy Inc

Lundy Inc stands out as a prominent player, leveraging voice technology, SaaS, PropTech, and Assistive Technology. Their services cater to a broad audience and have a tangible impact on lives across the nation.

Sharper Sense

Sharper Sense is an innovative startup using wearable neurotechnology to enhance vision, hearing, and touch; truly a game-changer in the assistive technology scene.


Andiamo offers digital health solutions for Neuromuscular conditions, providing timely and effective interventions that truly make a difference.


Yohana is a breakthrough in personal assistant services offering integrated software, services, and hardware for modern families, making life easier for many.


Netwerk is a provider of travel technology services that aids the modern traveler in a variety of ways.

Walrus Health

Walrus Health is a personal health management platform that not only reduces pharmaceutical costs but also improves patient health, truly embodying the spirit of assistive technology.

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Finite Automata

Finite Automata, another provider of travel technology services, demonstrates the strength and scope of assistive technology, despite not having an online presence.

Ziteo Medical

Ziteo Medical is reimagining computed tomography to detect, localize, and treat curable tumors – an incredible breakthrough in non-invasive medical intervention.

GH Labs

GH Labs builds tools and technologies to address unmet needs in primary healthcare centers and last-mile service delivery, truly embodying the spirit of assistive technology.

Partner Beat

Partner Beat keeps its clients organized across meetings, account plans, tasks to deal with less work.

Lexie Hearing

Lexie Hearing develops a hearing care program with hearing aid products that provide high-quality sound and are comfortably wearable.

Shor Capital

Shor Capital is an Early-Stage Venture Capital Firm that infuses much-needed capital into budding startups, providing much-needed resources to these innovative businesses.

tive Technology

Tive Technology is a resource, a marketplace, a community, bridging to an era of access & empowerment with their assistive technology solutions.


WellX provides simplified personal wellness on-demand, assisting individuals in maintaining their health with ease and efficiency.


Attigo specializes in improving health and business continuity in enterprises, implementing superior and safe technology to guarantee robust security and efficiency.

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