Which US Autonomous Vehicle Startups are Leading the Industry in 2023?

As the global automobile industry shifts towards sustainable and autonomous mobility solutions, many startups in the United States are leading the way with innovative products and technologies. Pioneering in autonomous vehicles’ leash, these startups are broadly impacting the transport industry by making self-driving cars a reality. Let’s dive in and discover 15 exceptional autonomous vehicle startups based in the U.S.


Beep is dedicated to delivering versatile mobility solutions using autonomous, electric, and multi-passenger vehicles. Their aim is to redefine transport using contemporary technology that maximizes convenience and reduces carbon emission levels.


A tech-savvy and vertically integrated car subscription platform, GO not only saves customers 20-30% per month vs traditional car ownership but also marks it’s presence in the autonomous vehicles’ industry.


Intramotev is engineering the future of freight movement by manufacturing self-propelled battery-electric railcars. Their commitment to superior transportation systems reflects in their products, emphasizing energy efficiency and autonomy.

Meili Technologies

Prioritizing road safety and minimizing medical emergencies, Meili Technologies has built an automatic, contactless, in-vehicle medical emergency detection system that interfaces directly with Emergency Medical Services (EMS).


Motional is pioneering in the field of autonomous vehicles to make driverless cars a safe, reliable, and accessible reality that will transform the way we travel.

Trova Commercial Vehicles

Trova Commercial Vehicles is a manufacturing company, dedicated to building motor vehicles accentuating autonomy, efficiency, and sustainability.

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Targeting the multibillion-dollar trucking industry, EV SEMI FLEET aims to revolutionize transportation with their fleet of all-electric semi-trucks, made by Tesla.

The Butterfly

The Butterfly, although lacking an online presence, is making headlines as an emerging air taxi company, leveraging autonomous technology to redefine urban transportation.


OK2Charge is innovating in EV charging solutions for the vacation rental, hospitality, single-family, and multi-family industries, thus boosting autonomous vehicle utilisation.


Through its SaaS platform, Eon makes electric vehicle rentals more accessible and common, complementing the autonomous vehicles industry’s growth.


YAA is empowering consumers by developing data and information management tools for a transparent and informed vehicle purchasing and ownership experience.


Fixit45 is catering to needs in the autonomous vehicles repair and maintenance segment, thereby improving the lifespan and performance of these advanced vehicles.


With their unique software, THE STEERING is enabling autonomous car shipping, optimizing logistics, and transport operations.

Abbottics AI

Abbottics AI, with their expertise in AgTech, Robotics, and AI, is creating innovative solutions for the automation of the transportation industry.

NGV Global Group

Finally, NGV Global Group designs, manufactures, distributes, and supports natural-gas-operated medium to heavy-duty commercial vehicles, contributing significantly to the autonomous vehicles’ industry.

In conclusion, these U.S. startups are drastically reforming the transport industry with their innovative products and services in the autonomous vehicles’ industry. As technology continues to advance, the future holds impressive opportunities for these startups to emerge as industry leaders, driving the future of autonomous transportation.

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