Which US Cloud Security Startups are Shaping the Industry in 2023?

The digital realm has seen a significant shift in recent years. With the rise in use of digital platforms, businesses small and large are dealing with an increase in security threats. Ensuring data security, especially in a cloud environment, has become paramount. Major organizations and startups alike are now recognizing the importance of cloud security, leading to a boom in the cloud security startup sector. There’s an array of innovative startups across the United States that promise to provide advanced cloud security solutions.

These rising stars in the cloud security landscape are rapidly redefining the sector with their fresh takes and effective solutions. This article delves into fifteen emerging cloud security startups from the United States, showcasing their unique offering, their operation, and why they’re making waves in the industry.

If you’re deeply involved in the tech sector, looking to keep up with emerging trends, or seeking advanced solutions to strengthen your security framework, keep reading to learn more about these exciting cloud security startups.

SaaS Alerts

SaaS Alerts is a cloud security company designed to help MSPs protect and monetize customer SaaS applications. Their cutting-edge solutions make them a key player in the cloud security market.

Scope Security

Scope Security is working towards equipping hospitals, clinics and provider systems with robust protection against cyber attacks with their managed detection and response services.


OpsHelm is positioned as a platform for security remediation, providing effective responses to a wide spectrum of security threats.

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Conducto is making it’s mark by simplifying complex CI/CD and data science pipelines, a disappearing act that adds significant value to any security framework.


SignMyCode has positioned itself as a globally trusted Code Signing Certificate provider, ensuring safety, integrity and trusted execution of code in the cloud environment.

Viking Cloud

Viking Cloud focuses on delivering asset, event and compliance management through its industry-leading next-generation cloud security platform. A solution that protects, informs, and ensures compliance.

UTunnel VPN

UTunnel provides On-Premise and Cloud VPN solutions to secure business communications and network resources from intrusion and unauthorized access.


JumpWire allows organizations to enforce secure data practices across applications without having to modify any code, a simplifying measure that is highly appreciated in an ever-evolving tech landscape.


Blackbot offers intelligence attack analytics, which is imperative in proactively defending against the continuously evolving threat landscape.

Prisma Cloud

Prisma Cloud offers a complete cloud native application protection platform that secures infrastructure and applications across varied cloud environments.

R6 Security

R6 Security is applying moving target defense to containers defending them from threats coming from network and transport layers.


outSOC offer a multi-tier, white-label, cloud-based security stack—an asset for any managed service provider.


Oatfin intelligently automates cloud infrastructure so that products can be implemented and shipped faster, thereby increasing business speed and efficiency.


iCompaas offers cybersecurity, compliance, and cost optimization for cloud infrastructure—a power combination of services that makes it a sterling choice in the cloud security sector.


Reliant an IT consulting firm offering electronic security, cloud computing, infrastructure, collaboration, and professional services, ensuring businesses stay up to speed with the ever-evolving digital world.

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To conclude, the rise in need for cloud security solutions has led to a surge of startups offering innovative and effective measures. These startups are not only redefining the cloud security landscape, but are also providing much needed solutions to the increasing security threats in the digital arena.

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