Which US Mining Tech Startups Are Shaping the Industry’s Future?

Did you know that the future of mining is not just about extracting gold, silver, and precious stones from the earth’s crust? Welcome to the exciting world of Mining Technology startups, where the CEOs are not just geologists, but could also be data scientists, astrophysicists, and environmentalists. These innovative companies seek to optimize the traditional mining industry with cutting-edge technology while also maximizing their positive impact on the environment. They are pioneering in areas like asteroid mining, battery technology, industrial water optimization, AI mining operations, and rare earth elements recovery. In this article, we will take a closer look at 15 such promising Mining Technology startups from the United States.


Aiming to reach beyond the confines of planet Earth, AstroForge is the pioneering asteroid mining company that extracts gold and other minerals from asteroids. This revolutionary approach could forever change the face of the mining industry.

Westwin Elements

Providing critical minerals to North America, Westwin Elements is a cobalt refinery that is investing in smart mining technology to further enhance their scope.

Mx3 Data Centers

Mx3 Data is a data center that innovatively utilizes liquid immersion technology for the cooling of machines, servers, and crypto miners.

Kairospace Technologies

Optimizing industrial water processes is the primary goal of Kairospace Technologies. They leverage cutting-edge technologies to achieve this, ensuring water waste is kept to a minimum.

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Group 11 Technologies

Keen on improving the environmental footprint of the mining industry, Group 11 Technologies has developed an in-situ-recovery process for mineral extraction.


Specializing in enhanced performance, productivity, and safety within the mining field, Tigeraire develops smart equipment technology designed to meet these critical areas.

QuarterNorth Energy

As a deep water oil production company, QuarterNorth Energy operates oil production properties in the Gulf of Mexico.

Third Coast Infrastructure

Focusing on offshore operations, Third Coast Infrastructure aims to provide oil and gas midstream services to customers in the most efficient and sustainable ways.

BlueCrest Metals

Fully integrated into the battery technology and production sector, BlueCrest Metals is a mining company with a strong focus on innovation for the future.

Edge Aggregates

Manufacturing, delivering, and coordinating the supply of a wide range of construction aggregates is the main service of Edge Aggregates.


Utilizing artificial intelligence to optimize mining operations, Mineprism is helping mining companies improve productivity and minimize environmental impact.

Metalx Biocycle

Specializing in the recovery and refining of rare earth elements from obsolete devices, Metalx Biocycle is creating a circular supply chain for key metals contributing significantly to sustainability.

Guardrail Mining

Offering miner repairs and operations management services, Guardrail Mining is a valuable ally for mining firms looking for reliable and efficient services.

Bens Creek Group

Bens Creek Group is a coal mining company operating metallurgical coal mines and producing coal for steel but not for energy, thus maintaining a niche area in the market.

Ames Copper Group

Alive and kicking in the copper refinery industry, the Ames Copper Group transforms scrap copper into copper anodes as a pivotal participant in copper recycling.

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These companies demonstrate the versatile and innovative ways that modern mining is being approached in the United States today. The transformation that the mining industry is undergoing is very profound, and these companies show how technology is revolutionizing how we extract, process, and use the earth’s natural resources in more sustainable ways. Stay tuned for more exciting developments in this space!

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