Which US NLP Startups are Transforming the Tech Landscape in 2023?

In the startup scene, many are looking towards the next big thing in technology, with the spotlight currently on companies specializing in Natural Language Processing (NLP). As a subfield of artificial intelligence, NLP focuses on the interaction between computer and human languages and aims to fill the gap between human communication and machine understanding. These startups are providing innovative solutions and services, fundamentally changing the way we live, work, and interact with technology. In this article, we’re highlighting some of the most interesting NLP startups in the United States.

NLP harnesses the power of machine learning to enable computers to understand, interpret, and mimic human language. It has a wide array of practical applications, including but not limited to improving client interaction, refining product descriptions, analyzing social media sentiments, streamlining recruitment processes, and even offering healthcare solutions. With such immense prospects, a flux of startups are diving into NLP, each bringing a unique perspective and solution.

With the myriad of software in the industry, it may be overwhelming to sift through all the companies. To offer a snapshot, we’ve compiled a list of 15 intriguing NLP startups based in the United States, doing groundbreaking work in the field. Let’s take a closer look at what they offer.

Hank AI

Hank AI is pioneering NLP in the healthcare sector. Their goal is to improve workflows within healthcare using state-of-the-art technologies. With a sharp focus on Augmented Intelligence, they are augmenting and automating steps within the healthcare system to streamline processes and provide efficient service.

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Modern workplaces require smart solutions, and Nuclei is providing exactly that. Aiming to revolutionize Compliance Archiving, they are using NLP to optimize and manage important archives in a efficient and compliant manner.


MeetRecord is a sales intelligence tool that uses NLP to extract critical information from video calls. They offer practical coaching and novel strategies to close deals quicker, improving the efficiency of sales teams.

YARP – Yet Another Recruiting Platform

Recruitment in the digital age has never been easier with YARP. They implement NLP to find the right employees within minutes, drastically reducing the time traditionally spent sourcing and vetting candidates.


Providing services for data, image, text, and video annotation, ANOLYTICS is a key player in the machine learning process. They are leveraging NLP to make their annotation services more effective and sophisticated.

AI Media Lab

AI Media Lab uses NLP to create immersive AI experiences. They are a next-generation synthetic media and generative content platform, pushing the boundaries of how we engage with digital media.


As a deal management platform, Trusli provides end-to-end integrated solutions using NLP to streamline business transactions and improve business communications.


Soniox is revolutionizing the way we interact with speech recognition AI. They offer unparalleled NLP technologies for understanding speech in real-world environments, paving the way for more natural and efficient human to machine interaction.

teX-Ai | SaaS based Text Analytics Software

teX-Ai is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that provides text analytics powered by NLP. They specialize in processing raw text data and delivering insightful results by utilizing advanced AI and Deep Learning algorithms.

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AlphaResearch is aiding investors by extracting valuable information from unstructured texts. Equipped with NLP, they help analyze filings, earnings call transcripts, and more to inform productive investment decisions.


Glimpse offers a self-service platform to harness feedback at scale. They use NLP to process conversational Open-Ended Feedback, providing valuable insights and enhancing customer interactions.

Lucinetic, Inc

Lucinetic, Inc is disrupting the way we view and interact with text. They’re advancing AI to revolutionize modular text, allowing businesses to focus more on human interactions that truly matter.


Cerbrec provides a visual interface for their deep learning framework. This offers users a more intuitive way to interact with advanced AI technologies, making their solutions more accessible and easy to use.

Nuronics Corp

As a multifaceted AI company, Nuronics Corp specializes in processing speech, text, and vision (ASR, NLP, OCR, Meanings) among others, providing comprehensive AI solutions for businesses.


Outtakes is an American software company that employs NLP for platform development, computer vision, and generative artificial intelligence, widening the scope of NLP applications by integrating it with various functions.

By and large, these US based startups are contributing significantly towards the evolution of Natural Language Processing. While distinct in their specific aims and innovations, they share a collective goal of enhancing and elevating how we interact with machine systems, thereby shaping the future of communication.

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