Which US Semiconductor Startups Are Revolutionizing the Tech Industry in 2023?

Semiconductor startups remain at the heart of tremendous growth in the tech industry. The demand for advanced solutions to improve technology and electronics has been on a steady rise. Consequently, this has led to a proliferation of startups in the semiconductor industry. United States tops the chart in hosting these innovative establishments, developing advanced solutions for the tech world. Here are 15 semiconductor startups and companies making an impact in the industry.

The highlighted startups represent the trailblazers of innovative solutions and critical applications in different areas, leading the charge in semiconductors. From synthetic graphite material production to advanced supply chain control, these startups define the broad, rich tapestry of the semiconductors market in the U.S.

This batch of innovative companies offers a peek into the future of semiconductors, exhibiting cutting-edge designing and manufacturing, striving for efficiency and precision, and shaping the industry’s trajectory. Let’s take a closer look at each of these promising establishments.

JETCOOL Technologies

Operating in the semiconductors sector, JETCOOL Technologies has carved out a niche for itself in developing innovative cooling solutions for high-powered electronics. Based in the United States, the startup’s hardware centers around compact cooling solutions, improving electronic components’ performance.

Anovion Battery Materials

Anovion Battery Materials operates in the same industry, producing high-quality, synthetic graphite materials. These components form the backbone of many advanced technological devices.

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Making sourcing more cost-effective, Amplio gives supply chain control back to the businesses. Based in the U.S., this firm is making strides in the semiconductor market by providing tactical solutions to industries.


Bridging the gap between semiconductor technology and rare earth components, MemQ is developing a unique Erbium-based technology. This leading-edge conception enhances the capabilities of various tech solutions.


Data-driven inspection technology propels Chiplytics to superior layers of the semiconductor market. They offer insights into the microelectronics supply chain, contributing to enhanced performance and efficiency.

Odyssey Semiconductor Technologies

Developing high-voltage power switching components and systems, Odyssey Semiconductor Technologies is a semiconductor device company marking its academy in the industry.

Infini Fluidics

Infini Fluidics transcends conventional boundaries by developing manufacturing equipment and process technology for drug delivery systems. Their innovative solutions redefine the traditional drug delivery process.


Offering innovative solutions based on mathematical concepts, Suitera provides unique analysis and tools to businesses. Their innovative solutions are changing the game in the semiconductor market.

Vapor Cell Technologies

Vapor Cell Technologies are investing in ultra-compact vapor cells that can detect distances with sub-nanometer accuracy, a significant leap in precision technology.

Dynamac Microwave

Dynamac Microwave is an electronic components manufacturer. Their innovative solutions in semiconductors are always pushing boundaries.

GAF Energy

GAF Energy is primarily a roofing and waterproofing company. However, they also bring significant advancements in the semiconductor sector with their innovative solutions.

Logisic Devices

Logisic Devices manufactures power semiconductor devices, carving a promising position for themselves in the semiconductor market.

NoMIS Power Group

Whether it’s electric vehicles, subways, airplanes, or industrial motors, NoMIS Power Group is developing more efficient power semiconductors for a variety of products, revolutionizing the way we harness energy and power.

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Impact Photonics

Impact Photonics is a semiconductor manufacturing company. By implementing advanced technologies, they promise efficiencies and productivity in the semiconductor sector.

Onto Innovation

With a unique perspective across the semiconductor value chain, Onto Innovation stands out for its advancements in process control. The company offers distinct solutions, ensuring seamless operations in tech and electronics businesses.

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