Who Are Australia’s Most Influential Trading Platform Startups in 2023?

Australia’s thriving startup scene has produced a significant number of growing tech companies in several sectors. One of the ardent segments of this dynamic ecosystem is the trading platforms industry. They offer diverse services ranging from beverage dealings to real estate transactions to monetary exchanges with a particular inclination towards cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Let’s have a closer look at these promising platform startups shaking up the Australian trading market.

These ventures not only offer an enhanced trading experience but are also actively evolving their services to address specific consumer needs. More importantly, these startups are embracing digital innovations and redefining the conventional trading practices through their disruptive services.

Here’s a rundown on fifteen impressive startups from Australia’s trading platform industry:


Kaddy is revolutionising the way wholesalers and retailers trade beverages. This platform bridges the gap between producers and retailers in the beverage industry, with a keen focus on craft beer, spirits, wine, and other beverages. This innovative solution, designed to streamline the purchasing process, has the potential to drive significant shifts in the wholesale beverage market.

Carbonaught Pty Ltd

Working at the intersection of sustainable development and commerce, Carbonaught Pty Ltd offers a decarbonisation platform for companies and individuals. The platform acts as a bridge for businesses aiming to reduce their carbon footprint and address their carbon offset needs, thus contributing to a more sustainable commercial environment in Australia.

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Ebonex is a cryptocurrency-based trading platform. Specialising in buying and selling services of blockchain and Bitcoin commodities, this platform meets the requirements of the increasingly popular cryptocurrency market, ahead of its counterparts.


Understanding the importance of real-time data for traders, Finlogix provides technical trading tools equipped with live market data, real-time HTML charting, and up-to-date economic calendars. A perfect solution that equips traders economically.


Yarta offers digital tools to farmers and merchants for buying, selling, hedging, and financing agricultural commodities. As farming becomes increasingly digitised, platforms like Yarta play a crucial role in this evolution.


Offering a range of services to its buyers, Coposit enables browsing listings, property inquiries, and payment services. This digital real estate platform enjoys a broad spectrum of users, thus creating an excellent opportunity for buyers and sellers alike.


Branching out into the trading platform’s industry, Tecassa, an IT company, offers digital, innovation, markets, trading systems, and software development services. A remarkable example of hybrid companies experiencing growth in more than one sector.

Top10best.io ®

Considered to be a leading comparison platform, Top10best.io ® offers unbiased reviews on the best deals in various sectors. The versatile online platform serves users across a myriad of niches, enabling them to make informed purchase decisions.


Automation is the future, and 80bots understands this perfectly. It’s a unique tool for blockchain automation that aids NFT and crypto trading, making them one of the most innovative and future-forward trading platforms today.


Rather specialised in their offering, CryptoProp focuses on cryptocurrency trading and also provides training and mentoring to new and existing traders. A perfect blend of education and trade that appeals to both novice and experienced traders alike.

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Opentrader is yet another significant player in the trading platform space that believes in equipping their users with a well-built trading platform offering ingenious solutions to trade requirements.

Gallant Exchange

Gallant Exchange is a unique trading platform offering digital assets for sports fans. A testament to the power of niche markets and specialised services in the modern commercial environment.


Riding the cryptocurrency wave, paybtc provides a non-custodial Bitcoin exchange, trade ideas, forecasts, as well as market news. An all-encompassing platform for anyone interested in Bitcoin trading.

Australia India Chamber of Commerce

The Australia India Chamber of Commerce is a commercial link expanding the symbiotic relationship between Australia and India. The platform plays a pivotal role in enhancing bilateral trade relationships and inpersal interactions.

PO Capital Markets

PO Capital Markets extends hybrid broking, overnight recap, margin reduction, market data, real-time trading, and risk management services. This trading platform signifies the importance of comprehensive service offerings in the financial trading space.

The robust resilience and the audacious innovations of these companies are marking a revolutionary imprint on the trading platforms sector. From beverages to agricultural produce, from real estate to cryptocurrency, the disruptive solutions of these startups are truly transforming the Australian startup landscape. These rising companies are giving a new direction to Australia’s trading platform industry, whose contributions stand to reigns superior in no time.

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