Who Are Australia’s Top Blockchain Startups Transforming the Finance Industry?

Australia has been thriving with the emergence of several innovative businesses in recent years, particularly in the technology sector. Blockchain technology has spawned a new generation of startups that are changing the way we live and work. The technology’s powerful capabilities for security and data sharing are opening up a plethora of opportunities for businesses and industries. In this article, we’ll delve into some of the most interesting blockchain startups in Australia.

From gaming to healthcare, finance to environment, these Australian blockchain companies are pioneering the use of this technology in various fields. They showcase the advancements being made in blockchain technology, and prove that Australia is indeed a significant player in this rapidly growing sector. The versatility of these companies demonstrates the widespread application of blockchain technology and how it can revolutionise a range of industries.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in and unravel the stories behind these 15 amazing blockchain companies in Australia and see how they contribute to the innovative world of blockchain technology.

Catheon Gaming

Considered to be the fastest-growing integrated blockchain gaming and entertainment company globally, Catheon Gaming utilises blockchain to provide an enhanced gaming experience. This company combines gaming and entertainment to give users an integrated experience.

Virtually Human Studio

Virtually Human Studio redefines the entertainment industry through blockchain. This start-up centres its operation on decentralised entertainment, introducing a novel strategy in entertainment service delivery.

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Avocado Guild

Avocado Guild (AG) is an NFT based play-to-earn blockchain gaming company. AG introduces a new dimension to the gaming world, combining fun, earning, and blockchain technolgy in a singular package.

The Red Village

A groundbreaking dark-fantasy Play and Earn game, The Red Village, showcases the undeniable merger of blockchain technology and gaming. This startup uses blockchain technology to deliver a unique gaming experience that stands out in the industry.


An Australia-based startup, STEPN, offers a blockchain-based fitness app that combines fitness and blockchain technology in an innovative way. STEPN allows users to earn rewards for physical activity, thereby making fitness a lot more fun.


ActivePlace is using Web 3.0 applications to innovate the sports sector. This startup is transforming the experience for sports enthusiasts by introducing a new level of interaction and participation.


PIPTLE provides blockchain education, a cryptocurrency wallet, and IT services. This company aims to help beginners understand blockchain technology and get the necessary support and tools to start their blockchain journey.

Mirror Planet

Mirror Planet is a blockchain-based metaverse environment that uses Google Maps to overlay actual streets and buildings. This startup offers a unique view of the world from a virtual space perspective, providing an interactive platform between people and their environments.

ADA Ninjaz

ADA Ninjaz is a community-driven multimedia business operating on the Cardano Blockchain. This startup exhibits the potential of blockchain technology in leading community-based projects and enterprises.


EnviroCoin is working towards decentralised infrastructure for the ESG Credit Markets. This startup aims to bring transparency, immutability, and security to the environmental, social, and governance credit markets.

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UWIM is creating an innovative blockchain ecosystem designed to revolutionize the nature of token creation and utilization. This startup demonstrates the disruptive potential of blockchain technology in creating digital currencies.

DeFi Link

DeFi Link is a decentralized finance platform providing crowdfunding, fractionalization, liquidity, and investments services. This allows a paradigm shift in how people fundraise, invest, and handle their finances.


SolaDefy is a Play2Earn GameFi Launchpad and ecosystem, first in the blockchain to introduce real gameplay to earn IDO allocation. This startup merges gaming and blockchain technology to create an unparalleled gaming experience.


AIRSOLAR Capital is revolutionizing traditional banking through blockchain to create a digital bank. This startup incorporates blockchain technology in banking to offer a novel way of managing finances digitally.


XN MENTAL WEALTH uses blockchain technology to create digital products in the mental health sector. This pioneering effort improves mental health awareness and treatment strategies, redefining the healthcare industry.

In conclusion, these startups represent the innovation and dynamism currently taking place in Australia’s blockchain technology landscape. They are driving forward advancements in sectors as diverse as gaming, entertainment, healthcare, banking, environment, and more. As we uncover more and more potential uses for blockchain technology, we look forward to seeing what the future holds for these startups and many others like them.

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