Who are Brazil’s Most Influential FinTech Startups Transforming 2023?

Brazil, a country already known for its exotic landscapes and rich culture, is now making waves in the Financial Technology sector. Well into the digital age, we are witnessing innovative startups emerge from Brazil, deeply transforming the financial industry. This article will cast light on the hottest FinTech firms in the country, highlighting their innovative products, industry positioning, and links for those who wish to learn more about these transforming entities.

The FinTech sector is evolving at lightning speed, especially in Brazil. These startups are not only embracing technology but are also leveraging it to create a customer-centric framework. Their services have made banking and financial services more convenient, secure, and personalized; thus, they’re changing the entire financial ecosystem.

This article is dedicated to shedding light on 15 FinTech companies that are revolutionizing Brazil’s financial sector. Each one has a unique proposition, disrupting traditional banking methods and providing more accessible and efficient digital solutions.


NG.CASH is a digital bank specially designed to help GenZ teenagers make smart financial decisions. It provides tools and experiences to show the younger generation how to handle finances in a modern world.


iCred is a smart credit and online fintech platform that provides personal loans and credit services. This helps individuals handle their finances better and promotes financial inclusion.


Bankme is a unique concept where mini-banks are created and operated. It presents banking solutions on a smaller and more personalized scale, tailored to individual requirements.

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Plug develops a payment service platform that provides multiple connection access through a single integration. This eliminates the quirks of dealing with several different financial systems.


Specialized in instant, cross-border payments, WePayments offers quick and secure transaction solutions both in and out of Brazil.


Inklo combines health and finance. This fintech startup offers financial services for medical procedures and institutions, ensuring that healthcare costs are handled in the most efficient way possible.


CashWay puts forward an end-to-end solution for financial markets, enabling easy access to essential market tools and insights.


Leve is dedicated to providing Brazilian users with a platform for trading stocks, cryptos, and more, revolutionizing the investment landscape in Brazil.


Kolek is a SaaS-enabled FinTech that provides superior financial management tools to businesses, backed by the advantages of open banking.

Yours Bank

An edtech / fintech combo, Yours Bank aims to teach children the principles of wise money management, fostering a financially literate generation.


Verde is a digital platform that provides small and medium farmers easier access to working capital loans, boosting agriculture and rural economy.


Giro.Tech provides custom financing operations, offering financial solutions tailored to the needs of businesses.


Doctuz is another name in the Fintech industry contributing to the financial landscape of Brazil.

WeBro Pay

WeBro Pay specializes in offering digital financial solutions to realtors, eliminating the financial hurdles faced by real estate professionals.


Akkwa provides a digital platform for companies to operate credit mats in a controlled way, aiding business operations and supporting agribusiness.

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Looking at these innovative startups, it’s clear that the FinTech sector in Brazil is not just about disruptive technology, but also about accessibility, inclusion, and financial education. These companies are leaving no stone left unturned in reshaping the financial landscape of Brazil.

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