Who are Brazil’s Most Powerful Internet Startups Transforming the Industry?

As the world continues to become more digitally connected, Brazil remains a key player in the global technology scene. With a rapidly growing technology sector and a flourishing startup ecosystem, Brazil is home to numerous innovative startups and companies specializing in the internet industry. From digital marketing to telecommunication, these Brazilian companies are leveraging modern technology solutions to offer unique services and products. This roundup will dive into 15 of these interesting internet-based startups and companies in Brazil that are making significant contributions to their industry.

These companies, while varied in their purpose and functionality, all contribute to Brazil’s vibrant technology sector. They represent a variety of segments within the Internet industry, including digital marketing, agricultural software, broadband services, and education technologies. Together, they illustrate the vibrancy and diversity of Brazil’s internet technology industry.

What’s more, these startups and companies are bolstering Brazil’s economy, creating jobs, and driving digital transformation across various industries. In this article, we highlight these startups, their modus operandi, and their contributions to both the national and international markets.


Lastlink is an application aimed at monetizing private and Telegram groups using a subscription model. This startup represents a new wave of innovative solutions that leverage popular social media platforms to generate revenue.


Offering digital marketing and sales scale for marketing agencies and small to mid-sized businesses, Marfin embodies the adaptability and entrepreneurial spirit frequently seen in Brazilian startups.

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SETTA assists users in prioritizing tasks, developing and tracking habits, while also assisting in finding a balance between productivity and well-being. This startup is one to watch in the burgeoning sector of productivity apps.

Fuse Capital

Specializing in Venture Capital and Alternative Assets, Fuse Capital, is a key player in the internet industry in Brazil. Their investments are helping other startups grow, therefore encouraging diversity and competition within the industry.


Sempre offers broadband, optic fibre, internet, digital TV, telecommunication and telephony services for both residential and business customers. Their services demonstrate how Brazilian companies are innovating in the digital space to meet consumer demands.

ORA Telecom

Another standout internet service company, ORA Telecom focuses on providing high-end internet access services, which are critical to both businesses and individuals in Brazil.


Olympos is foster excellence in the realm of optical and digital precision technology, merging manufacturing with digital solutions to establish high-quality products.

Agrisoft Ti-Agro

In the realm of agricultural administration, Agrisoft Ti-Agro specializes in developing agricultural software. This Brazilian company is contributing to modernizing agriculture administration with its innovative solutions.


Eduhot is an education technology company that offers a variety of online courses in technology, environmental science, health, marketing and business. Leveraging the internet to broaden accessibility to education, Eduhot represents a key element of Brazil’s growing EdTech scene.


Further highlighting the industry’s diversity, Zentek provides waste management services while developing apt waste disposal concepts. Its operations illustrate how the internet industry in Brazil is making strides in environmental sustainability.

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Akeloo provides an essential service to Brazilian stock investors through its income tax calculator.

Renown System – eCommerce Virtual Assistant

Renown System offers specialized virtual assistant services for eCommerce, SEO, WordPress.


Icook connects food lovers to unique gourmet experiences, without the added costs commonly associated with chic restaurants. It exemplifies how technological innovations are revolutionizing traditional industries, like dining.


With a mission to assist parents and students by providing reliable information about schools, SchoolAdvisor‘s platform is evidence of how the internet is streamlining decision-making for parents and students in Brazil.


Completing our list is Blitzpay, an IT company that offers digital infrastructure services to help scale digital product launches. Blitzpay’s solutions are an example of how Brazilian companies are balancing the need for superior IT infrastructure with the demands of rapidly expanding digital markets.

In conclusion, these startups and companies from Brazil depict the dynamism and diversity of Brazil’s internet industry. Their innovative offerings are contributing significantly to the local economy and transforming the digital landscape both nationally and internationally.

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