Who are Canada’s Leading Innovators in Property Management Startups 2023?

Canada’s Innovative Property Management Startups

Canada’s technology scene is flourishing with startups that are revolutionizing the traditional Property Management industry. These companies are introducing tech-driven solutions to streamline and modernize estate-related services, rental management, property leasing, and more. This article will delve into 15 Canadian startups that are leading the innovation in Property Management.


ClearEstate is redefining estate management by offering a one-stop-shop for all estate-related services. Their focus is on delivering caring and helpful guidance for executors, making estate management smoother and more manageable.

Carbon Royalty

With a focus on financial and carbon innovation, Carbon Royalty is a unique player in the Property Management sector. Their strategy centered on generating value through global decarbonization sets them apart in the industry.


Caret provides a full-featured communication, booking, and work order solution designed specifically for property managers and owners. This end-to-end approach simplifies property management operations.

Hangeh Labs

Residential building management is made more interactive and community-driven by Hangeh Labs. Their unique platform functions as a social network, facilitating community engagement within residential buildings.


Specializing in personal property management, Omnee delivers a tailored approach that meets individual property needs, offering unique solutions for property owners.


RentBook specialises in collecting rents in a secure, efficient, and hassle-free manner.

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Silver Homes

Silver Homes has created a digitized platform to automate rental property services. This platform emphasizes efficiency, making property management tasks easy and swift.


Propulux provides a holistic residential real estate property management platform. Covering all stages of property management, their platform simplifies leasing and operations.

JLC Investments

As a leader in real estate investment services, JLC Investments provides robust solutions for real estate investors, bridging the gap between individuals and their investment goals.

Portsmouth Residential

Portsmouth Residential is a distinguished real estate asset management firm, providing sophisticated asset management strategies for long-term success.


Homeprint has created a revolutionary digital wallet and dashboard to manage and maintain property seamlessly. Their solution is geared towards elevating the way owners interact with and control their properties.

Keeper Real Estate

Offering property buying and selling services, Keeper Real Estate assists in seamless real estate transactions. Their customer-centric approach ensures a smooth journey for their clients throughout the buying and selling process.


Launching in 2022, Condoo.io aims to reshape condo rentals and property management. Their goal is to offer a platform that allows condo investments to operate seamlessly and efficiently.

Foothills Property Group

Foothills Property Group provides a wide array of residential properties for rent and sale, making it easier for clients to find the perfect home solution.

Happy Hippo Holdings

Beyond property management, Happy Hippo Holdings is a creative consulting firm that partners with businesses and individuals globally to strategize and achieve their goals. This firm leverages its expertise in the property management sector to provide comprehensive strategies to its clients.

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