Who Are Canada’s Most Influential FinTech Startups Transforming Finance in 2023?

One of the fastest growing sectors in the startup scene is undoubtedly FinTech. Traditionally, Canada has been known for its strength in finance, given its robust and stable banking sector, however, the rise of FinTech startups are about to change the game, setting the country on a path to become a global FinTech leader. This piece today is going to highlight just a few of the remarkable FinTech startups this country has to offer.

The startups we are going to talk about are creating innovative financial solutions to various challenges in the finance industry, helping to make financial services more accessible and efficient. From powerful SaaS platforms to social investment platforms, these Canadian startups are making big strides in the FinTech space.

Below, we bring you a closer look at 15 carefully selected FinTech startups that are thriving in their respective areas of specialty. Each company brings its unique value proposition and is steadfast on its mission to disrupt the traditional financial landscape. Let’s delve in.


PayTic is a noteworthy SaaS platform that helps card issuers and fintech businesses control risk and compliance through digitizing the payments back-office functions. This startup offers a powerful solution that undoubtedly evolves the card-issuing landscape in Canada.

Fractional Finance

Fractional Finance aims to unlock Real Estate with Decentralized Ownership. This groundbreaking company creates vast opportunities in an asset class that was once reserved for the wealthy.

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Pocket Finance

Pocket Finance is a dual interface fintech platform that improves engagement & success within advisor-client relationships by exchanging the right information. It is a game-changer for advisors and is transforming the fintech space.

MICC Financial

MICC Financial provides a unique platform that helps groups of people save money, access capital, and build credit. By leveraging community-based finance, this startup is genuinely helping Canadians achieve financial security.


Billi offers a new, easy way to track bills, manage finances and enjoy your money. This multifunctional financial tool simplifies management and tracking of personal finance, making budgeting a breeze.


Uinvst focuses on providing 0 commission trading to help you get started with investing. This startup sets a path for every Canadian to participate in the financial market easily.


Planworth is a B2B SaaS platform that equips investment advisors and firms with the tools to guide a client’s wealth journey.


Benji is a business operating account that combines deposits, bookkeeping, and spend management. Benji simplifies business finances by integrating and streamlining all these functions into one platform.

Payable Apps

Payable Apps creates easy-to-use, high-quality apps, plugins, and add-ons that help everyday people get paid.

Snap Accounts Payable Company

SnapAP offers a connected Financial Operations Platform, streamlining Procure AP to Vendor AR data with embedded payments. This platform allows businesses to manage their finances more efficiently.


Apaylo provides an all-encompassing solution for E-Commerce, Finance, Mobile Payments, Payments, SaaS, and Transaction Processing. This startup truly reshapes the way businesses process transactions.


Utradea is a social platform for investment ideas and insights, offering a unique way to get insights into investments.

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Cake Capital

Cake Capital is a Financial Technology Company on a mission to transform the financial sector with cutting-edge technology.


SimpleDirect aims at democratizing buy-now-pay-later for every business. Its solution allows businesses of all sizes to provide flexible payment options to their customers.


RIVVI enables businesses to save money by automating their payroll processes and paying their employees faster. It is an excellent solution for small to medium-sized businesses looking to streamline payroll management.

In conclusion, these are just a few of the burgeoning startups making waves in Canada’s fintech scene. Each of these companies is drastically changing the financial landscape with their cutting-edge financial solutions catered to various unique needs. Watch this space for these innovative disruptors on the road to fintech dominance!

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