Who are China’s Leading ASIC Startups Shaping the Tech Industry?

The world is becoming increasingly digital. With the rise of the digital economy, the processing hardware responsible for powering this digital world is becoming increasingly important. Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) companies specialize in creating the specific hardware required to power the digital economy. This article delves into some of the most notable ASIC startups and companies in China, a global leader in hardware manufacturing.

These Chinese companies are revolutionizing the ASIC space with their innovative solutions. Whether it’s OLED microdisplay manufacturing or domestic CPU chip development, these firms have created a vast array of solutions and chips used in various industries ranging from auto to data management.

It’s interesting to note how diverse these companies are, which only showcases the growing and evolving digital economy’s needs. Here are some of the standouts you should be aware of from China’s ASIC industry.


Coreview is an OLED developer specializing in silicon-based OLED IC design and silicon-based OLED microdisplay R&D and manufacturing—making them a key player in the developing OLED industry.


A notable domestic CPU chip developer, Qilingxin, is pushing boundaries in the CPU industry with its innovative chip design.

Zhongyin Microelectronics

Zhongyin Microelectronics, another crucial player, offers internet, vehicle electronics, and servers and computing solutions, thus catering to various industries’ needs.

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Arctic Hero Core

Arctic Hero Core targets reducing the design cycle and NRE cost of large-scale server clusters and provides low-cost algorithms.


MotionSilicon is leading the way in the automotive industry as a high-end automotive MCU chip designer and developer.

Digital Light Core

Focusing on digital light field technology development, Digital Light Core is pioneering digital light field chip development.

Kuaidian Electric Power Design Institute

Kuaidian Electric Power Design Institute explores the wireless charging technology research and development realm, aiming at dramatically changing how we charge our devices.

Zhixin Microelectronics

A semiconductor device developer, Zhixin Microelectronics, focuses on the R&D of third-generation semiconductor power devices.

Yuxin Semiconductor

Yuxin Semiconductor is a memory chip design and memory module product developer, providing key components for various digital devices.

Didao Microelectronics

Didao Microelectronics offers photoresist and supporting material, serving as a key player in the materials sector of the semiconductor industry.

Rongsi Semiconductor

Rongsi Semiconductor designs and develops bandgap semiconductor silicon carbide power devices, marking them as a significant innovator in the power device space.


Chipuller is a chip design manufacturer, providing flexible chips design solutions for various industries.

Tianjin Kunpeng Information Technology

Tianjin Kunpeng Information Technology is a passive IoT core chip design service provider, creating solutions that power Internet of Things (IoT) technology worldwide.

Hexin Electronics

Serving a unique role in the market, Hexin Electronics is a seller of food products.

Zhizhen Precision

Zhizhen Precision manufactures integrated circuit production lines and testing equipment, providing crucial infrastructure to the semiconductor industry.

These companies showcased here are not only enhancing the ASIC industry but also driving the digital economy forward, ensuring that the devices and technology that rely on digital interfaces have the right hardware to function optimally. The Chinese ASIC industry is an exciting realm to watch as we collectively progress into a more digital future.

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