Who are China’s Leading Blockchain Startups Transforming the Industry?

The world is witnessing the dawn of a new revolution. A revolution powered by an evolution in technology that directly impacts every sector, including finance, healthcare, real estate, supply chain and art. The name of this evolution is “blockchain”, and companies all over the globe are tapping into its potential. China, with its robust tech ecosystem, is also home to many innovative blockchain startups. This article explores the promising Chinese blockchain startups operating across multiple industries.

Blockchain, a decentralized and distributed ledger technology, allows multiple parties to have simultaneous access to a constantly updated digital ledger that cannot be altered, promising a future where trust is ensured, intermediaries become obsolete, and efficiency is increased. From securing digital content to tokenizing assets, blockchain solutions are making their way into the Chinese market across a spectrum of industries.

Whether it’s the technology provider working on the security of digital assets, a social platform using blockchain to ensure authenticity or an art platform incorporating blockchain technology to secure digital rights, it’s clear that blockchain-based startups are redefining the way business is conducted in China. Here we introduce 15 of these pioneering Chinese startups that are leveraging blockchain technology to transform their respective fields.


BlockSec is a company that focuses on securing entire life cycles of smart contracts, providing digital asset supervision and anti-money laundering measures. The company is finding solutions to thwart potential security breaches in blockchain implementations.

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Huanzang Art

Delving into the spaces of art and culture, Huanzang Art is developing avenues within the blockchain culture and art industry. Their unique blend of art and technology is ushering in a new era for creators and patrons alike.

Anistora’s Box

Anistora’s Box stands as the first comprehensive deep value social platform in China. The company prides itself on harnessing the power of blockchain technology to facilitate social discourse, enriching connectivity and social engagement.


Spark.art is a digital art learning space powered by blockchain technology. Here, users can engage in creative experimentation, expression, and design in a secure and transparent online platform.

Star Chain Technology

Star Chain Technology is a blockchain technology service provider. The firm provides targeted services and solutions to businesses seeking to incorporate blockchain technology into their operations.


BACC is a general blockchain programming platform that bases its services on DAG technology, bringing innovative ideas and protocols to the fore.


Eatmain uses blockchain for a unique cause: aiding the catering enterprises. This start-up is bringing transparency and efficiency to the catering and food supply industry by leveraging blockchain technology.

Moqun Qukuailian

Moqun Qukuailian is all about distributed computing infrastructure. The company’s mission is to expand blockchain’s reach into businesses by providing distributed and decentralized solutions.

TransData Chain

Working in the vehicular domain, TransData Chain is focusing on collaborative vehicle road traffic blockchain development. This company is utilizing blockchain to improve vehicle data management and overall vehicular operations.

Shanhai Chaowan

Shanhai Chaowan is a tech company that combines gaming and goods production with blockchain technology, bringing a fresh perspective to the world of gaming.

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YooEx stands out as a digital cryptocurrency exchange platform in China. Through the use of blockchain, it is redefining how cryptocurrencies are traded and secured.


MultiMetaverse is an exciting startup in the realm of virtual reality. This company is building an open, immersive, multi-experience world metaverse leveraging blockchain technology.


Heyue offers comprehensive blockchain solutions to clients in various industries. The company aims to use this decentralized technology to revolutionize traditional business models.


Chuangyu Liangpin is a blockchain token platform. The company works extensively towards launching and creating tokens for various industries and purposes.

Na Innovative Energy

Na Innovative Energy is an energy company harnessing blockchain technology to develop power and energy storage battery systems.

These pioneering companies showcase the potential of blockchain technology, and the breadth of its application ranges from securing digital content to authentic social platforms, tokenizing assets, and beyond. With the rapid progress and adaptation of this technology, the future indeed looks promising not just for these startups but the entire blockchain ecosystem in China.

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