Who Are Distrito Especial’s Most Influential E-Commerce Startups in 2023?

Distrito Especial, Colombia, the thriving business hub and e-commerce center of South America, has seen an exponential growth in the e-commerce industry. With innovative startups springing up like mushrooms and their valuations skyrocketing in a blink, e-commerce is the buzzword for all business ventures operating from Colombia. This article explores fifteen such e-commerce stars headquarters in Distrito Especial, who have made substantive impacts with their exceptional entrepreneurial strategies and groundbreaking innovations.

Armed with technology, creativity, and innovation, these startups are rewriting the conventional e-commerce playbook, and re-imagining the e-commerce landscape, serving various niches, from hardware and construction to beauty, social commerce, and beyond. Whether you’re a digital nomad, aspiring entrepreneur, investor, or merely an enthusiastic tech-lover, these Distrito Especial based startups are an inspiration well worth exploring.

Without further ado, here are the Distrito Especial bred e-commerce startups that have transformed the entrepreneurial scene by integrating cutting-edge technology, creativity, and imagination into digital commerce.


Tul is an innovative e-commerce platform where users can purchase hardware and construction products directly from their smartphones. Catering primarily to contractors and DIY enthusiasts, Tul has transformed the way construction-related products are purchased and delivered.


Morado is a next-generation B2B marketplace specially designed for beauty shops. This digital platform is taking the beauty industry by storm, providing an efficient, streamlined platform for both B2B and B2C transactions.


Exemplifying international commerce, Pandas is a B2B e-commerce platform bridging Asia and Latin America. By connecting these two vibrant markets, Pandas has tapped into the vast potential of cross-continental e-commerce.

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Favik is an avant-garde online platform weaving together influencers and commerce. By providing a comprehensive platform that aids influencers in setting up their businesses, Favik is redefining influencer marketing.


Peiky provides digital solutions for the social commerce community. It offers tools to manage and optimize the social sales cycle, boosting businesses’ overall performance on social media platforms.


Superbeauty is the ultimate e-commerce venue for beauty businesses in Latin America. It offers an extensive range of make-up and skin care products, allowing businesses to streamline their beauty supply inventory.


Preki, considered the ‘Shopify for LatAm’, provides simple e-commerce solutions for local businesses. With its user-friendly setup, Preki is expanding the digital commerce landscape for Latin American businesses.


Sumer develops technology for micro small businesses. With its innovative solutions, Sumer has helped numerous businesses improve their management systems and increase sales.


BioCredit operates at the intersection of finance and e-commerce, connecting customers, stores, and credit entities to allows finance purchases digitally and in real-time.


Ekkofy leverages community performance marketing to activate the power of word-of-mouth endorsements, offering benefits and commissions to its users.


Subi is an exciting real-time auction platform connecting buyers and sellers. Secure and innovative, Subi offers a fresh perspective on e-commerce transactions.


Mekan is the ultimate one-stop-shop for the automotive aftermarket, specialised in B2B transactions. Catering to the auto industry, Mekan broadens the scope of e-commerce.


Sajú creates fun and functional products that reflect the brand’s three main pillars – Creativity, Sustainability & Community Creation. With its unique approach, this e-commerce brand offers consumers a new way of shopping and experiencing products.

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CUL is a one-of-a-kind furniture and home appliances renting marketplace serving the underbanked in LATAM. This platform makes quality home goods accessible and affordable for a wider audience.


APPAREL APP completely revolutionizes the fashion shopping experience by providing personalized advice tailored to customers’ needs. With its innovative platform, this app is a game-changer in the realm of fashion e-commerce.

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