Who Are Emilia-Romagna’s Influential E-Commerce Startups Transforming Italy’s Retail Landscape?

Emilia-Romagna, a region of Northern Italy, is best known for its rich history, iconic cuisine, and cultural treasures. Yet, nestled among its historic landmarks and gastronomic delights, a thriving e-commerce sector is taking root. Armed with innovation, Italian craftsmanship, and a flair for entrepreneurship, these startups are making their mark locally and globally. Here are 15 E-commerce companies from Emilia-Romagna, Italy that are breaking new ground in their respective sectors:


Under the motto “Real Life, Real Fashion,” Dixie is an online and offline fashion store that offers a wide range of women’s apparel and accessories. With the brand’s distinct personality and an extensive line of products, Dixie is redefining the online shopping experience for fashion enthusiasts.


Conceived with a mission to fuel healthy living, Vitastrong offers a wide selection of vitamins and supplements. Designed to meet the needs of athletes, students, and office workers, Vitastrong is changing the way Italy gets its daily dose of nutrients.


WHATaECO brings eco-conscious consumers a myriad of vegan and eco-friendly lifestyle products. From food and beverages to fashion accessories and beauty items, WHATaECO is making sustainable shopping accessible and desirable.

Gomme Low Cost Shop

Gomme Low Cost Shop is at the intersection of convenience and affordability in the automotive industry. Offering a wide array of tires and wheels for all types of vehicles, this online store is a one-stop-shop for all car enthusiasts and professionals.

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For oenophiles and spirit connoisseurs, Drinknow offers an extensive selection of wines and spirits. Primed to provide an immersive and informative buying experience, Drinknow is fast gaining reputation for its quality offerings and outstanding service.


Connecting nature lovers with a wide range of plants and flowers, Treelivery makes it easy to bring the outdoors in. With its digital home plant delivery platform, Treelivery is turning houses into homes, one plant at a time.

Italian Gres

Italian Gres breathes life into spaces with its comprehensive range of high-quality porcelain and ceramic flooring and wall tiles. A testament to Italian craftsmanship, Italian Gres boasts of unmatched design and exceptional durability.


At Makadamia, snack lovers get to personalize their treats by choosing from an array of dried fruits, dehydrated fruits, and seeds. Healthy snacking has never been this fun and satisfying!


Fancy a pair of well-crafted shoes? Woowe covers footwear needs for all ages. This online store is where quality meets style – the Italian way!


Fangorosa transforms homes with interior design, home decor, architecture, tiles, and design services. A haven for aesthetes and homeowners alike, Fangorosa is all about beautiful and liveable spaces.


Blending fashion with technology, E-THICAL is revolutionizing the fashion industry with its collection of 3D technology and networking fashion apparel.


Tabazar is a treasure trove of toys, high-end items, and consumer goods. Whether shopping for a party, a gift, or simply indulging in retail therapy, Tabazar has something for everyone.


Combining tech and healthcare, Feetah has created an online 3D modelling tool that generates custom orthotic insoles. Backed by innovative technology and medical expertise, Feetah is reimaging foot care.

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Academy Rapido

Training digital entrepreneurs for the fast-paced online world, Academy Rapido offers courses in cyber security, data analytics, and e-commerce. A springboard to the digital economy, Academy Rapido empowers the business leaders of tomorrow.

Nonna Gina S.r.l.s.

Mouthwatering and authentic — this is how customers describe the offerings of Nonna Gina S.r.l.s. Serving up hand-crafted artisanal pasta, Nonna Gina is keeping traditions alive while appealing to contemporary taste buds.

These innovative ventures show that Emilia-Romagna is not just about heritage and cuisine, but also innovation and entrepreneurship. Each company, with its unique offering and business model, is a testament to the region’s dynamic and forward-thinking business landscape.

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