Who Are France’s Most Influential Service Industry Startups Today?

With an even blend of seasoned companies and fresh startups, France promises a bright future for the Service Industry. In this piece, we shall take a closer look at some exciting startups hailing from an array of sub-sectors within the Service Industry. From tech to healthcare and real-estate, here are 15 French startups making strides in their respective industries.

Particularly fascinating is how these organizations have embedded technology into their services – a trend that can be largely attributed to the digital revolution. Their diversity reflects the vibrancy inherent in France’s Service Industry and provides an indicator of what we can expect to see in the future from this sector.

Without further ado, let’s introduce these dynamic French startups reimagining the Service Industry.


Based in France, Motto is providing an innovative service in the electric bike market. Their model is unique as they offer electric bicycles by subscription, coupled with a concierge service. With the growing push towards climate-conscious commuting options, Motto’s solution is a timely addition to the transport sector.

Quivive App

The Quivive App is focused on enhancing the safety and tranquility of society. They do this by allowing users to generate digital proof via recording features, presenting a useful, technology-driven service for today’s digital natives.


Describing itself as the first comprehensive growth platform for Food & Beverage businesses, Digeto offers to own your growth. By providing an assortment of beneficial digital services, Digeto is helping businesses within the F&B industry thrive in a digital economy.

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Kozoo is a unique service industry startup that specializes in pet insurance. They offer comprehensive health and life packages for cats and dogs, ensuring your furry friends have the coverage they need.


Specializing in the repair and renovation industry, Repartim offers its customers a problem-solving approach to their repair needs. The company covers a wide spectrum of troubleshooting services, becoming an all-in-one solution for many.


Offering an online platform for hotel room reservation services, Evancy aims to make booking accommodations easier and more streamlined for its users. Whether you are planning a family vacation or a business trip, Evancy provides a range of choices to cater to all needs.


Cryptotem works in the space of app development, battery technology, electronics, and mobile services. As the name hints, this company brings a versatile and tech-savvy approach to the service industry.


As a property damage restoration company, Aquaser focuses on leak detection and reconstruction. They offer a specialized service for property owners, reducing the headaches that come with property damage caused by water leaks.


Alfred is busy carving out a space for itself as a service management expert. Combining technology, sourcing, and people, they provide a comprehensive, modern solution to managing services.

My Little Pressing

My Little Pressing takes a digital approach to dry cleaning and laundry services. By making these essential services available for home and the workplace, they are adding convenience to the everyday lives of their users.

Hérault Logement

In the real estate sector, Hérault Logement offers land planning and construction and management of social housing. Their services create a seamless link between project conception, construction, and management.

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Quaefacta is making its mark in the healthcare technology field by offering patient-focused solutions. Their service reduces the stresses of healthcare by integrating tech with medical services.

Midipile Mobility

For logistics professionals, Midipile Mobility provides a subscription-based turnkey service. Catering to their business-to-business clientele, they streamline processes by offering comprehensive logistical solutions.


AlterMassage goes beyond the traditional concept of wellness. They offer services like massages, relaxation workshops, and stress management consultations specifically catered towards corporate wellness.

Agence Creative Alfa

To conclude this list is Agence Creative Alfa. Offering a broad range of services, such as consulting, digital marketing, web development, and graphic design, they are a go-to in the digital solutions space.

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