Who are Germany’s Game-Changing IoT Startups Transforming Future Industries?

Germany, part of the largest economy in Europe, has become a leading hub of technology startups with companies innovating in various sectors. Being the de facto leader in World War II recovery and infrastructure, it is no surprise that the Internet of Things (IoT) sector is seeing significant growth across the nation. As more and more companies continue to adopt IoT, German startups are capitalizing on the trend by launching innovative solutions to meet new technological challenges and define what’s next for this digital revolution. In this article, we are showcasing 15 of these forward-thinking German IoT startups making big strides in their different industries.

Token Fabrik

Tokenfabrik is carving a niche for itself in the bustling IoT landscape with a unique offering in digital investments. The company allows investment in industrial IoT-assets powered by DeFi. It brings a new level of dynamism for asset ownership, making it possible for investors to have fractional shares in different IoT assets.


smedo is revolutionizing biometrics with the world’s most advanced contactless technology. Through its innovative approach, smedo is enabling companies to secure their devices and data by leveraging cutting-edge biometric verification and authentication solutions.


Agriculture and livestock farming are no strangers to IoT and clevabit is leading the charge in this area. The company has designed a suite of sensors that monitor and enable precise injections, climate control, animal tracking and more, thereby bringing the power of IoT to rural areas.


ONEKEY, an automatic and integrated solution for manufacturers and users of IoT/OT devices, is another promising German startup. It simplifies the integration process, making it easier for companies to adapt to the IoT environment.

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embedded ocean GmbH

embedded ocean GmbH, with its Software-Defined Industrial Integration Platform, is making a mark in the IoT landscape. It brings agility to industrial assembly lines and brings efficiency in the production process.

United Manufacturing Hub

United Manufacturing Hub is an IoT startup that offers tech-based solutions with their SaaS, IaaC, and open-source technologies. Their platform is bringing innovative changes to the manufacturing sector by enabling efficient intra-factory transportation and logistics.

noah GmbH

noah GmbH is leading the way in IoT and AI integration with its unique operating system. The company’s advanced technology allows for monitoring and real-time analysis of various parameters in different industries.


chargeIQ is catering to the growing electric vehicle market with their user-centric charging infrastructure software. Their technology allows users to manage charging needs according to their schedules – a significant advancement in EV adoption.


QConnex is a smart home expert company that combines software and hardware solutions to facilitate the creation and management of smart homes. With their app ecosystem and dashboard diagnostics tool, they are democratizing home automation.


Bitmotec is a manufacturer of the IoT ecosystem known as bitmotecosystem. Their brainchild is an entire ecosystem of IoT-enabled devices that vastly simplifies automated operations across different sectors.


For those looking to tread the path of innovation and venture building, THE ARC provides the platform for the realization of such dreams. As an innovation agency and venture builder, THE ARC is making strides in the IoT landscape.


IntellIoT is a German startup that is bolstering the application of intelligence, autonomous human-centric IoT solutions in healthcare, agriculture, and industry. It presents a unique blend of human-centered technology and IoT.

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Vintus is an agile prototyping company that specializes in product innovations. They facilitate the rapid prototyping of IoT products, helping innovators achieve faster market implementation.


At the intersection of data and IoT is ruleev, a company that organizes company data into actionable insights. Through its approach, companies can make informed decisions backed by data.


Last but not least, Bosetein, an emerging startup from Stuttgart, innovates real-time hygiene inspection sensors and a data platform for the food industry. By enhancing hygiene inspection, Boestien is improving process efficiency and ensuring food safety.

From DeFi digital investments to real-time hygiene inspection in the food sector, German IoT startups are evolving our everyday lives in meaningful ways. As this technological evolution continues to grow, these startups are poised to lead the way, setting new standards in their respective industries while contributing to the growth of the global Internet of Things landscape.

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  1. HI Startup Bubble Team, thank you for listing ONEKEY https://onekey.com as one of the game changing IoT startups. I would like to add that we are specifically focusing on automated IoT/OT Product Cybersecurity & Compliance through a holistic SaaS platform enabling manufacturer easily to improve the cybersecurity & compliance of their products.

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