Who Are Japan’s Leading Influencers in the 2023 Artificial Intelligence Landscape?

Japan has long been renowned for its advances in technology, leading the way in numerous sectors – robotics and automation, digital gaming, and automobile design, to name a few. In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) has surfaced as the new frontier in technological innovation. Not surprisingly, Japan has swiftly embraced this rapidly-evolving field with several promising startups emerging, continuously pushing the boundaries of AI possibilities.

AI in Japan spans a broad range of applications and sectors from healthcare to commerce, entertainment to waste management. The Japanese startups leading the charge are varied and innovative, introducing unique offerings to both local and global markets. Let’s dive into 15 such startups making an impact in the AI arena.

Their ingenuity and passion for forward-thinking solutions showcase Japan’s continued standing as a hub for technological brilliance. These are not just companies to watch but potentially, the pioneers of AI’s next big thing.


JiMED works at the intersection of AI and healthcare, designing and developing a brain-computer interface for ALS patients. This technology aims to improve communication for individuals living with this disease, showcasing an incredible application of AI in augmenting human ability and quality of life.


emol provides an application that records emotions and communicates with AI robots. In a world increasingly reliant on AI, this startup underscores the importance of emotional awareness and response in artificial entities.

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Involved in the AI development platform provision and AI consulting businesses, APTO is serving the AI landscape in a multi-faceted way.


Anaut develops AI-supported medical equipment for surgical procedures, underscoring the potential of AI applications in medicine – from diagnostics to actual treatment.


Aixtal is a tech company optimizing the development, design, and manufacturing processes of the industry with IT and AI. They showcase how AI can streamline workflow and improve efficiency.


Specialising in workforce development, Localia offers corporate training services for small and medium-sized enterprises using AI. This highlights the increasing role of AI in staff development and business operations.

MaiND Lab

Working with revolutionary technology, MaiND Lab develops software to visualize images in the brain using innovative AI. This demonstrates the impressive breadth of AI’s potential applications.

Connected Commerce

Connected Commerce brings together artificial intelligence and retail. They offer AI analytical algorithms and voice commerce research and analysis, as well as physical shop operating services.


Airfriend has developed an AI training application designed around user recreation. This represents the integration of AI into lifestyle and leisure activities, enhancing the ways we relax and enjoy our time.

Aqua Age

Combining IT and beauty products manufacturing, Aqua Age develops and operates an AI-based skin diagnosis application, illustrating AI’s growing influence in personal care and cosmetics.


IT company GoMA provides an AI face recognition system, health management chat services, and an SNS reporting system. Here, they show how AI can enhance various aspects of everyday life, from security to health checks.

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The waste management sector also benefits from AI, as demonstrated by FANFARE. They provide an AI supporting tool for effective allocation of waste collection vehicles.

Xaion Data

Xaion Data uses AI technology in various business areas as an IT consulting firm. They recognize the broad-spectrum application of AI in diverse business sectors.

Shuttle Bros.

Shuttle Bros. sells artificial intelligence, cloud, and mobile technology-based software to the pharmaceutical industry.
This showcases the significant potential of AI and cloud technology in pharmaceuticals and healthcare.

VRAIN Solution

VRAIN Solution is an IT company that offers AI software, DX consulting, and software development solutions, demonstrating the versatility and adaptability of AI across industries and business needs.

These 15 Japanese AI startups exemplify the incredible breadth and depth of AI innovations unfolding in the country. As these companies continue to push boundaries, we eagerly anticipate the next wave of AI advancements emerging from Japan.

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