Who are Japan’s Most Impactful Online Portal Startups in 2023?

Japan is known for its robust economy, dynamic technological advances, and its unique blend of traditions and innovation. When it comes to the startup arena, Japan has been making waves with a number of interesting and groundbreaking online portal companies. This article will take you through a journey of some of the most notable online portals startups in Japan, their unique offerings, and how they are revolutionizing various industries—from gaming, healthcare, to real estate and more. Each of these startups brings a unique flavor to the startup ecosystem in Japan.

Many of these companies have utilised technologies to create platforms that address a wide variety of societal needs—be it simplifying the process of property hunting, dabbling into the world of NFTs, or offering unique platforms for gamers and pet lovers alike. Using the power of online portals, these startups offer a range of useful, effective, and creative solutions to a variety of audiences. From students to store owners, from bike enthusiasts to restaurant workers, these startups have something to offer for everyone.

While the global startup scene is diversified, based on these companies, it is clear that Japan’s online portal startup scene is eclectic yet collectively focused on improving user experience and enhancing specific industry operations. Without further ado, let’s delve into these unique Japanese online portals startups.


Douzo is an interesting player in the online portal space. They operate a souvenir purchase agency platform. For tourists looking to buy souvenirs and gifts from Japan, Douzo has it all covered.

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With an innovative concept, Hakken seamlessly integrates numbered tickets for stores, crowded events, and tourist attractions through its platform. This innovative approach will save consumers from the hassle of misplacing traditional paper tickets.


Tenanta addresses the common struggle of property hunting by providing a unique platform where users can post the conditions they want in a property. The portal also provides suggestions for matching properties, making house hunting easier than ever.


As an online portal, Medi-LX is focused on education in the healthcare sector. The platform offers tailored educational content for nurses and medical students.


Catering to gamers, Clitch provides a unique connecting platform where gamers can create and join game recruitments for multiplayer gaming experiences.

Pro Reach

Pro Reach is a tech company with an application that aims to improve medical healthcare. Their platform provides resources and tools necessary for healthcare professionals and patients alike.

Prasa Del Parque

Prasa Del Parque’s online platform is a haven for dog lovers. It offers a one-stop-shop for pet supplies, veterinary services, and even pet matchmaking.


Spalice is an online property management platform. It rents out spaces specifically designed for women parties, girls’ night-outs, and live viewing events.

Fried Tips

Fried Tips offers a unique platform for restaurant employees and part-time workers to connect directly with customers and receive tips for their service.


Bikescape is an online platform specifically designed for sports bike enthusiasts, offering stock data, inventory, customer information on sports bike shops and dealers.


Siremo taps into the booming market of NFT, allowing anyone to set up an online store and sell NFTs without any fees.

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ZIKU is an online platform offering comprehensive support for organizing metaverse events. A one-stop solution for the next-gen events.

Well Room

Well Room caters to foreign residents in Japan. Their online portal offers a wide range of healthcare benefits for these residents.


An e-commerce website, Olu. is a destination for fashion and lifestyle products. It offers a curated selection of local and international brands, aiming to offer a seamless shopping experience for the users.


Bsjoos is a comprehensive online portal company providing system integration, online event spaces, portal sites, solutions, and administration services, thereby catering to a variety of user needs.

In conclusion, these startups and companies underscore Japan’s innovative edge and its strong standing in driving the future of online portals. Delivering a mix of convenience, innovation, and a unique user experience, these portals are revolutionizing different industries in their unique ways.

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