Who Are Mexico’s Game-Changing E-Commerce Startups Transforming Retail in 2023?

The rapid growth of e-commerce has been globally notable, with Mexico being no exception. The country is currently leading Latin America’s e-commerce industry, and the number of e-commerce startups has been growing exponentially. Although there is plenty to choose from, we present to you 15 promising Mexican e-commerce startups that are making an influential impact and are shaping online shopping for the better.

Some of these companies focus on streamlining the grocery shopping process, others are revolutionizing retail sectors, and there are those that create a platform for micro-entrepreneurs to launch their businesses from home. Each of them offers a unique solution to various challenges in the e-commerce world.


Calii is a Mexico-based startup that is focused on transforming the future of grocery shopping in Latin America (LatAm).


Orchata’s e-commerce platform delivers groceries directly to your household within 15 minutes. With a commitment to no substitutes and offering supermarket prices, they provide a competitive edge in the industry.


Bendo is empowering anyone to start their business from home by doing the perfect commingling of drop shipping and social commerce.


Sababa, a food-tech startup, is disrupting the food industry through its pioneering approach in the consumer internet frontier.


Nano operates a LatAm-based network of hubs intended for last-mile delivery, accommodating both food and retail segments catering for B2B and B2C sectors.

Gamers Hunter

Gamers Hunter is a unique marketplace where gamers can win discounts and promotions just by playing their preferred videogames.

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Ungga is a startup aiming to make finding, buying, and living in homes more accessible and more rewarding for everyone.


Boitas.com prides itself on being the first B2B vertically integrated marketplace for the Food Service Industry.

Oasis Verde

Oasis Verde has formed a fully-automated e-commerce ecosystem delivering top-quality HEMP and CBD products across Mexico and the rest of LatAm.

Circulo de Belleza

Circulo de Belleza is an online marketplace allowing beauty salons to find products and tools at competitive prices.


Dooper is simplifying the process of getting side-jobs in Latin America.


GivU is a social Marketplace where you can buy items without spending money!


Vendora is a social commerce platform empowering female micro-entrepreneurs to start their businesses from the comfort of their homes without any investment.

Punto Commerce

Punto Commerce is a SaaS company. They aim to facilitate sales between companies and sellers, resulting in a seamless and connected approach focused on the end user.


huum.tv is an entertainment enabled shopping and monetization platform.

In conclusion, the above startups are taking significant strides in their industries, reshaping the future of e-commerce digitally. We are keen to monitor their further growth and look forward to seeing what new and innovative developments the Mexican e-commerce scene will bring.

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