Who Are Pioneering the Online Portals Startup Landscape in the US?

Online portal startups in the United States have been making waves in different industries, offering innovative solutions and pushing the boundaries of technology. With the internet becoming more integral in our daily lives, these online portals serve as a bridge connecting businesses, services, consumers and opportunities. Today, we will introduce 15 interesting startups that have been making significant progress in this space.

These online portals range in services from information technology, edtech, news, to health, and more. Their solutions offer something for everyone, from job seekers, sportsmen, to foodies, property esports enthusiasts, doctors and patients. Let’s dive in and explore each one of these exciting startups one after the other.

The United States, being a huge incubator for startups, supports these innovative companies as they bring forth creative and technologically advanced solutions to the market. Here then is a look at 15 Online Portals companies located in the United States that are increasingly making an impact.

Glow Labs

Glow Labs aims to revolutionise customer loyalty programs. Serving as a no-code rewards program, it uniquely utilizes blockchain technology to provide innovative solutions for companies wanting to reward their loyal customers hence their presence in the Online Portals industry.

Mallard Bay

Targeted at sportsmen, Mallard Bay is an online marketplace where they can book safe and reliable hunting and fishing spots. This portal simplifies the process of finding and booking outdoor adventurous activities.

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SkillPointe serves as a helpful online resource for job seekers and students who are interested in careers that don’t require 4-year college degrees. Through informative guides, advice and listings, they help forge alternative career paths.


An online marketplace for online buyers and sellers, xMentium uses advanced technology to ensure seamless transactions.


SnapRefund is a digital claims payment platform used by insurers. This portal is revolutionizing how insurance companies manage their reimbursement process.

Coco Coders

Coco Coders is a live online coding school for kids aged 6-14. This edtech startup is teaching the next generation of tech enthusiasts critical coding skills.

Signal Cleveland

Aspiring to fuse community building and news reporting, Signal Cleveland operates as an online newsroom. They aim to build a more engaged and informed community.


Baboo offers stress-free trip planning with local insights while supporting sustainable travel. This portal aims to simplify the often-complex process of trip planning.


Catering to the restaurant and hospitality industry, Edizeven is an online job site built specifically for these industries’ needs.

Field Day

Field Day is an online platform designed to link individuals and organizations with local nonprofits. It helps to make community engagement much more accessible and rewarding.


Opportunities for businesses to secure funding become more accessible through NuMarket, an online funding platform allowing businesses to raise funds from their community while giving back in form of credits to the contributors.


Entering the esports industry, Version1 is a property esports organization with an online presence. The portal is amongst the leading startups paving the way in the esport sector.

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Just Ingredients

Just Ingredients is an online portal and retail store that sells nourishing beauty products and nutritional supplements.

Alpha News Call

As an online news site, Alpha News Call continues to make the distribution of news more widely accessible and updated.


Offering online consultations, eGlobalDoctors removes geographical boundaries and ensures that everyone, no matter where they live, can access medical services.

The development and success of these online portals reemphasize the pivotal role internet-based solutions play in the current digital era, and these companies will continue to shape the future of their respective industries. As innovation continues to develop and industries evolve, the need for online portal solutions such as the ones provided by these companies will undoubtedly remain crucial

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