Who Are Spain’s Game-Changing E-Commerce Startups Transforming Retail in 2023?

Spain’s startup ecosystem is booming with new and innovative e-commerce companies. These startups are not only disrupting traditional markets but also introducing new models and technologies that are changing the way we shop online. From organic food to professional voices, the Spanish companies are covering a vast number of niches while solving a myriad of customers’ problems.

With the global pandemic acting as the largest driver of digital transformation, these startups have seized the opportunity and shown significant growth. If you’re interested in the dynamic Spanish e-commerce scene, this overview of the top 15 Spanish E-commerce startups will offer a good insight into the companies that are shaping the future of online shopping in Spain.

Here’s a closer look at some of the most interesting startups in the Spanish e-commerce scene:

1. Wonderfood.bio

Wonderfood.bio is an e-commerce platform that specialises in organic food. The company offers a wide range of organic and natural food products to address the growing consumer demand for healthy, chemical-free food.


Known as a Video Monetization SaaS, PLAYBAK provides a novel approach to creating income from video content for e-commerce platforms.

3. Tu Locutor

The first of its kind in Spain, Tu Locutor is a marketplace for professional voices. The startup connects voice actors with businesses in need of their services.

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4. Delement

Delement has made a name for itself in the mechanical keyboards market. The startup offers customization and new shopping experiences for technology enthusiasts.

5. Rentall & Partners

Specialising in renting consumer electronics, mobility and sports equipment, Rentall & Partners is making high-end gadgets and equipment more accessible through a rental model.

6. Kupay

Kupay is simplifying the checkout process for e-commerce with its One-Click Checkout solution, providing a smoother and faster shopping experience.


JUEGOS.GAMES offers an e-platform where users can play a wide array of online games for free.

8. Stoor

Stoor is a marketplace for architects to buy and sell high-quality BIM (Building Information Modelling) projects. They connect architects from all over the world to share their designs.

9. Ouh Lo Là

Offering fashion services, Ouh Lo Là is a force to be reckoned with in the Spanish e-commerce fashion industry.

10. Ebbel

Revolutionising the way home renovations are done, Ebbel provides an e-platform to make this process exciting and different.

11. Diveasapp

Diveasapp is a SaaS tool that also offers a Mobile App and a Back Office platform, aiming to streamline the booking process.

12. Filkers

Filkers connects Ecommerce businesses and gathers all the data, providing valuable insights into prices, images, descriptions, and discounted prices.

13. Descorchify

Offering a monthly subscription, Descorchify delivers a curated selection of 3 wines to your door for 35,9€, all included.

14. Zoco Lab

Specialising in providing a vibrant online shopping platform, Zoco Lab partners with creative designers to deliver unique, imaginative products.

15. Pinkchic Guagua

Pinkchic Guagua is an online store that specialises in a wide range of women’s shoes and delivers fashion-forward styles season after season.

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