Who are Spain’s Most Influential EdTech Startups Shaping Education in 2023?

Spain is fast becoming a hub for educational technology startups. These innovative companies are reimagining and recreating how education and learning processes are delivered and accessed, improving the traditional learning methods through technology. In this article, we explore 15 promising startups from Spain that are utilizing technology to revolutionize the educational landscape. These startups fall under the category of ‘EdTech’, short for education technology, which is rapidly gaining popularity across the globe.

EdTech is essentially the practice of integrating technology into the learning experience, with the aim of enhancing and streamlining the learning process for both students and teachers. These technologies can include online learning platforms, digital tools for enhancing classroom teaching, AI-driven assessment tools, and many more. Spanish EdTech startups are leading the way in several of these areas, with innovative solutions that are helping educators and learners to adapt to the digital age.

Let’s take a look at 15 EdTech startups that are making waves in Spain. They range from companies offering online learning platforms, to those providing language learning applications, and even those that use technology to help students find internships. Each of these companies brings something unique to the table, illustrating the diversity and potential of the Spanish EdTech industry.


Magistral is a provider of masters and online courses in leadership, negotiation, sales, and public speaking, and has students from over 20 countries. The company aims to bring high-quality, engaging learning materials to students across the globe.

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KinderPass is an education technology service provider that offers behavioral health education services for children.

Leap Studies

Leap Studies provides a portal for students eager to study abroad in Spain, providing necessary and relevant information to aid them in their decision.

Multiply School

Multiply School is a B2B E-Learning company dedicated to reinventing the educational paradigms to ensure a more equitable transmission of knowledge.


Profe.com is an educational tutoring platform where students can seek help from teachers on homework questions and exam preparation.


Wannalisn offers an e-learning platform that uses engaging solutions to help users learn English.

Pam Learning

Pam Learning is an eLearning platform for college and high school students, providing assistance in their studies.


Nominis is a digital language academy for children, using interactive stories to enhance the learning experience.

Syntagma Digital

Syntagma Digital provides a SaaS web platform for Spanish Language learning at K12 schools.


finbudd offers an experience that combines self-study with expert support to enhance efficient learning.

Check’n Choose

Check’n Choose serves as a platform for students, companies, and schools seeking internships. It also aids in internship management for these stakeholders.


Examenexam works in the realm of EdTech in Spain.


Magistri is a platform providing online video masterclasses with top Spanish-speaking leaders.


PlayVisit is a marketplace and creation SaaS platform for city adventure games.


Finally, Inuny is a social media platform that aims to integrate useful tools for potential and current students into a single platform.

In conclusion, these EdTech startups are transforming the face of education in Spain. By leveraging technology, these companies are creating compelling and engaging learning experiences, effectively bridging the gap between traditional education methods and the evolving digital age.

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