Who are Spain’s Most Influential Web Development Startups in 2023?

Spain is known for its rich culture, vibrant cities, and world-renowned cuisine. But in recent years, it’s also catching the eye of the global tech community, thanks to its growing number of web development startups. From innovative design to the latest Blockchain technology, these companies provide a varied and exciting landscape in the tech world. They are changing how the world perceives Spanish tech and are drawing international attention for their ground-breaking work.

Here, we’ll shed some light on a few standout companies that are disrupting the web development scene and leaving a strong mark on Spain’s digital landscape. Our list will cover a wide range of sectors – each startup has found unique ways to utilize web development to drive their innovation and growth.

So, whether you’re an investor hunting for the next big thing, a job seeker on the lookout for interesting companies, or simply a tech enthusiast curious about the scene in Spain, this list is a comprehensive guide to some of the most interesting and dynamic web development startups in Spain.

Open Games Builders

Open Games Builders is trailblazing the Web Development industry in Spain with their focus on blockchain technologies, Web 3.0, and NFT. They aim to revolutionize the gaming industry by creating a marketplace for real assets. Their work exemplifies the innovation and creativity characterizing Spain’s emerging tech scene.


FLOC* places a focus on using innovative designs to foster positive world changes. Their ethos is represented through their creative web development projects, ensuring that each contributes to a better world.

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With an emphasis on hassle-free adoption of microservices, KrakenD proves to be an industry leader in providing a stateless, distributed, high-performance API Gateway. Their commitment to high performance and seamless transitions speaks to their influence in the industry.


Maybein seeks to elevate dining experiences by offering an app that allows customers to snag cancelled reservations at highly-rated restaurants. Their software is proof of the innovative ways web development is applied to enhance everyday experiences.


A state-of-the-art SaaS platform developed by YepCode enables web development and data integrations via a simple browser. This platform signifies a new world for JavaScript developers.


Novolabs stands tall in the market through their expertise in no-code development and customized app development services. Their work promotes a versatile approach to web development, highlighting the expansive potential of the field.


At ReadyMe, they make branded ordering websites for quick service deli restaurants. Their unique approach to web development helps restaurants better serve their customers and grow their businesses online.


Lázzaro focuses on helping NGOs fund-raise digitally in a sustainable and transparent way with their SaaS offered. Their use of Blockchain technology illustrates how web development can be used to support worthy causes and nonprofit organizations.


The comprehensive professional communication company, OneTel, manages all communication needs 24/7. Their singular platform is an excellent example of the possibilities that exist at the intersection of web development and communication tech.

AsyncAPI Initiative

AsyncAPI Initiative developed an open-source tool to build and maintain event-driven architectures. Their work supports the wider web development industry, encouraging the continued growth and development of digital solutions.

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Truman stands out in the industry with its UX/UI design, web development, and app development services, providing comprehensive digital solutions to a range of clients.


SEAT:CODE is carving a unique position in the market with their aim to serve not just as a manufacturer of cars, but of mobility services as well. Their fans are featured as customers in a paradigm shift made possible through web development.


A consultancy company that specialises in user adoption, digital workplace, custom software development and SharePoint, Ungoti showcases the depth and range of possibilities within web development.


Dooby offers a vast range of services including website design, templates, development, hosting, images, content, digital marketing, and consulting services – making it a one-stop-shop for web development needs.

Kodio Technologies

Kodio Technologies excels in providing custom web development, API, outsourcing, and online tools to its clientele. Their technology-focused solutions point to the future of the web development industry and the exciting advancements yet to come.

These 15 Spanish startups are just the beginning of a revolutionary change occurring in the tech sector. Through their innovative uses of web development, they’re reshaping industries, contributing to a better world, and redefining what’s possible. They each represent the promising future of the Spanish tech industry and are well worth watching in the coming years.

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