Who are the Leading Professional Networking Startups Transforming US Industry?

Welcome to a curated exclusive list of some of the most impressive and unique professional networking startups in the United States. In this connected world, collaboration and networking are not just a part of the business; they have become the business. These startups serve as a platform for professionals across industries to connect, collaborate, and grow. The following startups have redefined the networking paradigm and offer a great platform for formidable and effective professional networking.

Networking today has transformed beyond an exchange of business cards at events to a virtual platform to connect with like-minded professionals and users in real-time. The startups listed here provides unique experiences and services that are transforming the professional networking space.

Let’s dive in to learn more about some of these exciting startups in the professional networking industry.


Intch is an app-based professional network that connects top-tier professionals across various domains. It is redefining professional networking with targeted connections matched to your profile.


Seedscout offers a blend of professional and social networking, acting as a bridge for experts and enthusiasts to connect and collaborate.


Stratos is a social platform that seeks to address diversity, specifically for Black & Latinx professionals, assuring its members a safe space for professional interaction.


Gyld is a unique social network explicitly designed for tradespeople. It enables them to connect, share, and learn together.

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Tough Leaf Inc

Tough Leaf Inc provides a centralized MWDBE Procurement Platform, offering an efficient solution for businesses to connect with vendors and suppliers.


Khal offers dedicated cooking profiles for chefs, connecting them with cooking enthusiasts and people who love to cook.

Two To Tango

Two To Tango aims to connect business professionals attending the same events, facilitating meaningful interactions and potential collaborations.


LOGYTalks operates as a SaaS online event platform connecting specialists and enthusiasts from across the globe.

Indy Black Businesses

Indy Black Businesses stands out by focusing on promoting black-owned businesses, helping them thrive, and connect in the process.


fokusly offers an innovative approach to social networking through social portfolios divided into different privacy levels, all within the same account.

Sales Community

Sales Community is a portal designed for sales professionals offering solutions in sales strategies, leadership, brand building, and career advancement.

SALT Capital Equity Group

SALT Capital Equity Group is a blend of a real estate investment firm and a networking platform offering a multitude of investment, networking and training services.


Timeli is a direct networking site that allows members to book guaranteed 1:1 facetime meetings with professionals, thereby making networking more personalized and effective.


Revoteen is a comprehensive social networking platform assuring its users a myriad of ways to connect and interact.


Superstars is the first video-based professional social network. It’s a next-gen business networking platform with all user-generated video content.

As we see, the professional networking space has grown exponentially and has become a pivotal market for startups. These unique and innovative startups have set a new paradigm with their unique services and offerings, taking professional networking to a completely new dimension. Here’s to the future of networking!

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Explore the bubble  Startup Showcase: Tortoise - Revolutionizing Delivery with Automated Technology

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