Who are the Most Influential Software Startups Defining Vietnam’s Tech Scene?

Vietnam, once a base for low-cost outsourcing, is swiftly morphing into a hub for innovation in Southeast Asia. This shift is partly fueled by the young and dynamic workforce that Vietnam boasts. As part of this, a plethora of software startups are leading the charge, each showcasing a unique mix of innovation, passion, and grasp of the digital age. This article aims to highlight fifteen software development companies paving the way for Vietnam’s budding software industry and the larger tech ecosystem.

These companies, though diverse in their product and service offerings, share common roots in Vietnam’s fertile soil of talent and entrepreneurial spirit. From game development companies to blockchain research agencies to software solutions for enterprise management, Vietnam’s software industry is showing multi-faceted progress and catching the attention of global investors and technology enthusiasts alike.

So, without further ado, let’s delve deep into these fifteen Vietnamese software startups that are transforming the business landscape with their innovative and compelling solutions.


Imba is a Vietnamese software company pioneering in the development and deployment of a plethora of computer and web-based games. Their creations range from simple but addictive mobile games to immersive multiplayer online experiences, capturing the hearts of gamers across the country.


Caroot functions as the quintessential automation business assistant for solopreneurs. By harnessing technology and software solutions, Caroot makes business automation seamless and efficient.

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YouHomes is transforming the real estate brokerage industry as the first tech-enabled real estate management platform in Vietnam. This platform brings brokers and potential clients closer within the digital space.

KMS Solutions

Serving as a catalyst for digital transformation in the APAC region, KMS Solutions encourages businesses to embrace the digital enterprise with their line of innovative and transformative technologies spread across the area.

Pando Infinity

Pando Infinity is a technology provider that extends its services to software development and other professional IT services, placing it amongst the crucial players in Vietnam’s software industry.


Viindoo plays a critical role in assisting businesses to adapt to the digital transformation era with its All-in-One Enterprise Management Software.

Dandelion Labs

A pioneer in the field of blockchain, Dandelion Labs is a blockchain product and research agency creating meaningful experiences to power the next generation of decentralized commerce.


AdOne JSC is a software development service provider catering especially to Game Developers, creating intricate and appealing game components that capture the attention of their gaming audience.


An Advanced Consulting Partner of AWS Vietnam, VTI CLOUD COMPANY LIMITED provides consulting and deploying services for AWS infrastructure, backed by a team of more than 50 certified engineers.


Jobsrefer is a referral app that aims to connect candidates with ideal job opportunities by harnessing the power of technology.


Panoee stands apart as the only 360° Virtual Tour Software that offers premium features free of charge, catering to a multitude of industries including real estate, hospitality, and tourism.

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Factory9 is a manufacturing SaaS company that creates plant floor collaboration tools to digitally transform factories, making the manufacturing process more efficient and digitally inclined.


Uptin.vn provides a software solution to help 400k realtors decrease time and cost when listing properties on multichannel and platform, thus transforming the real estate market.


Ucall is a callbot platform that aids telemarketing and customer service organizations, ensuring seamless business operations and customer engagement.

Protean Studios

Protean Studios is a Vietnam-based software outsourcing company specializing in social media marketing services and product development, strengthening the growing social media industry in the country.

In conclusion, software startups in Vietnam are not just changing the landscape of their country but are also making a splash on the global stage. These fifteen companies showcase the innovation, ingenuity, and drive of the Vietnamese market, promising a bright future ahead. They are not merely creating their own success stories; they are also paving the way for countless other software entrepreneurs in their country.

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