Who Are the Top Influencers in Australia’s IoT Startup Scene?

Australia is globally renowned for its innovation in technology. A sector that is developing at an unprecedented rate in this region is the Internet of Things (IoT). Australian startups have been surfacing throughout this domain, deploying state-of-the-art IoT systems to increase efficiency across various sectors. This article sheds light on 15 of the most promising IoT startups and companies that have originated in Australia.

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the billions of physical devices worldwide that are connected to the internet, collecting, and sharing data. Due to IoT, it is possible to turn virtually anything into a part of the internet. It has breathlessly expanded the internet’s potential. It is not just laptops and smartphones, but also everyday objects such as washing machines, cars, and even heart rate monitors. Over the last few years, startups have been leveraging IoT technology to unlock a myriad of innovations.

Australian entrepreneurs have maximized this trend and created several startups which have become fundamental trailblazers in the Internet of Things industry. These companies range from data privacy platforms to high-tech agricultural software, showcasing the wide spectrum of innovation that this industry facilitates. The following are some groundbreaking IoT startups surfacing from Australia.

Binary Tech

Specializing in creating off the shelf and bespoke solutions for businesses, Binary Tech has established itself as a company to watch in Australia’s IoT scene.

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One Key Access

With a focus on accessibility, One Key Access provides users with universal access to buildings from a single app.


TilliT is an innovative digital platform that offers a forward-looking take on factory operations with real-time visibility and operational control.


Targeted at optimizing asset performance, the IIoT wireless solutions company Miniotec promises proven results and boasts a short return on investment interval.


Providing automated data privacy, DataBench covers compliance and consumer data requests in a single dashboard.


Specializing in Agtech and Agriculture sustainability, Farmo offers a cloud-based (SaaS) solution integrating sensors within the farming industry.


A Venture Capital firm with a focus on tech, Dreamoro aids tech founders in bringing new products to the market.


Offering a comprehensive range of network services, HyperOne fosters connectivity across Australia.


Mayika specializes in GPS tracking and fleet management, offering solutions for businesses with an international presence.

EYEfi Group Technologies

As an electronics engineering and software development company, EYEfi Group Technologies blends the worlds of hardware and software within the IoT industry.

HERTZ Technologies

Focusing on data harvesting and information management, HERTZ Technologies leverages IoT for a cutting-edge take on data analytics.


Senstra is an IoT solution provider that excels in designing and developing hardware and software for data collection and analysis.


Developing health and safety software, Mysafetybot is a unique player in the IoT industry focusing on wellness and safety.


Equiprise designs and produces sensors and edge devices to monitor and control performance in real-time.

Tap.exchange Digital Business Cards

Revolutionizing networking, Tap.exchange provides a digital application showcasing contacts and social or website links for easy connection with customers or acquaintances.

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The diverse landscape of IoT startups in Australia is an evidence of the possibilities this technology brings to the table. As the IoT industry continues to expand, it will be intriguing to see the innovations that Australian startups continue to produce.

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