Who are the Top Influential US Database Startups Transforming 2023?

In this digital age, databases are the backbone for many booming industries. The database industry has been quite progressive over the past few years, with numerous startups shaping the market with their innovative solutions. These startups are not only offering transformative solutions to common database issues but are also pushing the boundaries of what is currently achievable with databases. Here, we will showcase 15 of these United States based database startups that are building innovative platforms and solutions to tackle various areas like sports management, marketing, finance among others.

These startups are leveraging the power of databases to maximize the value of data, which is considered today’s most important business resource. They are providing solutions in diverse areas, from sports management and finance to manufacturing and livestock tracking. Through their innovative approaches and the use of modern technologies, they are transforming traditional industry operations and showing the immense potential of database-driven solutions.

These companies stand out because of their innovative thinking, robust technology, and niche-focused offerings. Being startups, they are agile and can adapt quickly to the market’s needs, making them an interesting watch. So, here are the esteemed 15 database startups from the United States showcasing their talent and offerings:


Aktivate offers a cloud-based platform for K-12 schools to efficiently manage and fund their sports programs. By leveraging the power of databases, they provide a seamless interface for schools to manage their sports ecosystem.

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For clients aiming to be data-driven, DrivenIQ offers strategic data-oriented marketing solutions. They are dedicated to building #dataindependence for their clients.


Lago brings to the table an Open Source Billing API specifically designed for product-led SaaS companies, making billing management easier and more efficient.


With an AR platform that enables users to interact with their AR environment, ARKH integrates the thrilling world of augmented reality with the precision of databases.


Respecting user privacy while providing valuable data insights, mePrism offers a platform that keeps track of users’ virtual footprint and provides vital data insights.

AURA Network Systems

AURA Network Systems is utilizing the licensed aviation spectrum to accelerate advanced autonomy in the National Airspace System across the nation.


Fragment strips back the complexities of finance for engineers with their API as it manages all your product’s financial data in one place.


Powering the future of digital experiences, Revalize sprawls across industries with software solutions that elevate connections to markets.

90West Data

At 90West Data, it’s all about data. This startup provides a software platform designed for the tagging, cleansing, and contextualization of large data sets.


Envisioning future spreadsheets merging databases, Python, SQL, and Excel formulas all in one sheet, Quadratic is a startup to keep an eye on.


Vault365 is a backup solution for data stored on-premise and in cloud applications, including Microsoft 365, ensuring data is never lost.

Solid Starts

Creating a healthier future, Solid Starts offers a database-based solution that helps introduce real food to babies starting at 6 months old.

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Making the future of privacy-focused, data-driven TV advertising possible is what Blockgraph is all about.


Creating valuable industry connections in real-time, MFGWorx is a live chat job board that connects hiring managers to candidates instantly in the manufacturing and industrial sectors.


Simplifying livestock management, 701x provides software solutions to track and access cattle records.

All of these fantastic startups are disrupting traditional database services and creating innovative, user-centric solutions. They are bringing a fresh perspective to what is achievable with databases and how the effective utilization of data can transform industries. We applaud their efforts and look forward to their continued growth and success. Keep an eye on these compelling companies, for they are shaping the future of digital business.

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