Who Are The Top Influential US Ticketing Startups Of 2023?

The US ticketing industry, a staple in the entertainment and leisure sector, is currently undergoing a seismic shift with the advent of technology and the proliferation of startups. Innovative firms are capitalizing on online platforms, automated systems, and integrated solutions to provide seamless ticketing services to a variety of fields, including music festivals, sports events, local activities, and virtual shows. Here’s a compilation of 15 standout American ticketing startups reinventing the way we experience events.

Each of these startups has a unique value proposition, targeting a niche segment of this dynamic market. They are leveraging advancements in tech to provide industry-specific solutions, automated systems, and user-friendly interfaces to make ticketing an effortless process. Let’s dive in and explore what makes them stand out.

These startups offer a myriad of services, catering to consumers’ diverse needs. From providing ticketing infrastructure for live events to facilitating non-tourist leisure bookings, these companies are transforming the industry landscape. Let’s delve into the exciting world of these ticketing startups.


POSH is reshaping the financial infrastructure of live experiences. The US-based startup is a game-changer in the ticketing industry, bringing a refreshing approach to live event ticketing.


ViewStub offers an integrated platform for streaming, ticketing, and promotion, helping creators generate more revenue and reach a broader audience. The startup ensures your content never goes unnoticed.

Plain Sight

For those looking to sponsor, host, or attend business events, look no further than Plain Sight. This startup is at the forefront of business event ticketing, offering seamless solutions for entrepreneurs and businesses alike.

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Tripsome (ex-Hadigro)

Tripsome caters to non-tourist consumers, providing a one-stop platform for booking leisure activities, local experiences, and things to do on demand. Tripsome turns trip planning into a hassle-free affair.

Global Boletos

Global Boletos offers an exclusive online ticketing service for events worldwide. The startup’s modern ticketing system is a boon for global eventgoers.

Outback Presents

Outback Presents is more than just a ticketing company; it provides entertainment and marketing services. The startup’s diversified approach is setting it apart in the crowded ticketing market.


Transforming eventgoers into ticket-selling ambassadors, PromoShare empowers event producers and sports teams with a platform that promotes ticket sales in an innovative way.

Tickets On Sale

TicketsOnSale.com has distinguished itself as an independent ticket marketplace, offering a varied range of tickets to cater to diverse customer preferences.


Swoopt is a one-stop search engine for live event tickets. The startup’s simple solution makes finding your next event a pleasant and swift process.


Blockseat is revolutionizing ticket sales with its SaaS and mobile application. The startup’s approach makes ticketing a breeze for organizers and attendees.

Barefoot Country Music Fest

For country music enthusiasts, Barefoot Country Music Fest offers ticket booking, artist concerts, and accommodation services. This startup strives to turn every country music event into a memorable experience.


Jabburr amalgamates the best aspects of multiple social media platforms to provide ticketing services in a unique fashion. The startup has combined features from Facebook, Eventbrite, Etsy, Patreon, Wechat, and Tinder.


Sala is spearheading the virtual events ticketing industry, connecting artists, venues, and fans in unprecedented ways. This startup’s revolutionary connection-fostering approach distinguishes it within the field.

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SI Tickets

SI Tickets is paving the way for sports and entertainment ticketing. The startup’s platform offers an easy ticketing experience for both sport and entertainment aficionados.


Farechild introduces an all-inclusive event production and marketing platform focused on the growing cannabis industry. The startup is broadening the scope of the ticketing industry by venturing into unexplored territory.

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