Who are the Top Trendsetting FinTech Startups Revolutionizing Indonesia in 2023?

As the digital era continues to evolve, startups around the globe are taking innovative approaches to financial technology. Indonesia, in particular, is becoming a hotbed for FinTech startups, with an array of diverse companies emerging to challenge traditional financial systems and provide novel solutions for businesses and individuals. Below, we will introduce you to 15 interesting FinTech startups in Indonesia who are disrupting the finance industry in unique and exciting ways.

From peer-to-peer lending platforms to integrated financial management platforms and unique solutions for the unbanked population, these startups are showcasing the transformative possibilities of financial technology. Not only are they helping to make the financial sector more accessible and efficient, but they are also fostering financial inclusion and aiding economic growth in the region.

Let’s delve into the world of Indonesian FinTech, meeting these groundbreaking startups, understanding their unique approaches, and unraveling how they are making waves in the finance industry.


Djoin is a technology enabler startup for microfinance institutions in Indonesia formerly called Solusisakti. They provide a platform that helps these institutions manage their operations more efficiently and effectively.


Algo offers a real-time payment platform for bill payments, cash transactions, and money disbursement, making financial management simpler and more convenient for its users.


LinkQu is focused on transforming the world of fund transfer services, offering innovative payment options like e-wallet, QRIS, and virtual account options.

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Midas Financials

Describing itself as ‘your financial assistant’, Midas Financials aims to make financial management easier and more efficient for its users.


DotX is providing solutions for unbanked workers in Indonesia, allowing them to receive payments and make transactions using a mobile app.


Wiseree is committed to democratizing risk management for retail investors, providing them with the tools to make safer and more informed investments.


360Kredi is a peer-to-peer lending platform that offers loans with no collateral, breaking down barriers to financial services.


OneAset is an integrated financial management platform that provides innovative solutions for investment needs.


Amana is a financial and property management app that offers services like mortgage loans, property maintenance and custom household furniture, making it more than just a typical fintech app.

VIS Indonesia

With its aim to digitize Indonesian Koperasis, VIS is reaching the underbanked population and helping them integrate into the financial system.


Seeds offers a multi-asset investment platform aimed at helping digital-savvy millennials to earn passive income. The platform features a range of investment options such as stocks, real estate, and commodities.


Fundo, a digital auction platform that specializes in the marketing of securities papers, bonds, shares, and fintech solutions, provides a unique combination of financial services and technology.


Grahaloan has made a mark as the 1st Mortgage Marketplace in Indonesia. As a FinTech, they provide a transparent and streamlined process for property-related financial transactions.


Creedix specializes in credit risk underwriting and digital debt collection management by leveraging artificial intelligence to make the process efficient and seamless.

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Traders.id is the world’s first trading plan platform set up for the commodity futures market. Traders can use this platform to develop and execute trading plans more efficiently.

In conclusion, the Indonesian FinTech scene is vibrant with diverse startups using advanced technology to create new, innovative financial solutions. Whether it’s by facilitating fund transfers, offering disruptive lending platforms, or simplifying financial management, each of these startups is playing an important role in reshaping the financial landscape in Indonesia and beyond. This list just scratches the surface of the promising FinTech world of Indonesia with many more innovative startups emerging. Stay tuned for more updates in this exciting industry.

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