Who Are the Top US Energy Efficiency Startups Reshaping 2023?

The United States is home to a myriad of innovative and resourceful startups dedicated to advancing the field of energy efficiency. These companies are creatively challenging conventional energy paradigms and spearheading sustainable initiatives. They are applying forward-thinking solutions to make a significant impact in energy conservation and emission reduction. Let’s take a closer look at 15 standout energy efficiency startups residing within the United States.

These companies encompass a wide range of services and solutions, from providing renewable power to developing technology for energy optimization in homes, from services designed to utilize energy smarter to clean technology providers. The game-changing startups are setting a significant precedent for the energy sector by pushing boundaries in traditional practices and contributing to a sustainable future.

By doing so, they’re not only creating an impact domestically, but are also setting standards for the global community. Let’s delve in to explore the unique work they’re doing in the energy efficiency sector:

Rondo Energy

Rondo Energy is committed to delivering zero-carbon industrial heat, aiming to make the leap to a carbon-free future. They stand out as a pioneer in the market for their outstanding contributions to energy efficiency.

Bright Night

Bright Night offers renewable power solutions in a safe and trustworthy manner. Their dedication to conserving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions makes them a prime player in the energy industry.

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Radiant is developing the first portable, zero-emission power source that functions anywhere, proving to be a crucial entity in transforming our energy consumption habits.

Altus Thermal

Altus Thermal is redefining energy use in homes with its energy technology designed to maximize the performance of energy resources, thereby leading the way in residential energy efficiency.


With Domatic‘s innovative technology, power and data are provided on a single wire pair to fixtures and sensors, which has revolutionized the way we consume energy daily.

Lorimer Ventures

An investment firm with an edge, Lorimer Ventures backs bold entrepreneurs building exceptional B2B companies in the energy efficiency industry.

Digital Power Optimization

Digital Power Optimization is an energy-industry services provider using its proprietary Cryptocurrency Mining as a Service solutions, revolutionizing energy consumption in the digital world.

Actual Energy

Aiming to make us use energy smarter, Actual Energy offers a wide array of services enabling consumers and businesses to maximize their energy efficiency.


Almika disrupts how electricity is produced and consumed in today’s energy markets. Their innovative approach transforms the traditional energy grid system, making remarkable strides in efficient power production.


VeriWatt is a solar energy installation company offering services to maximize the grid’s performance, cut costs, and save energy – promoting solar power as the ultimate answer to energy efficiency.

Aquarius Energy

Aquarius Energy stands out as a provider of clean technology and renewable energy solutions, proving its commitment to energy efficiency even without an official site.

Gyft Labs

Gyft Labs‘s energy solutions do not negatively impact existing ecosystems. Their initiative makes energy consumption sustainable and environmentally friendly.

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GE Vernova

GE Vernova provides energy consulting, gas power, and grid solutions. Their services make businesses energy efficient while minimizing their carbon footprint.

Frontier Bioenergy Systems

Frontier Bioenergy Systems engages in optimizing under-utilized waste streams by implementing innovative technology, thus making waste-to-energy conversion a potent reality.

Stronghold Digital Mining

Stronghold Digital Mining operates a power generation facility that converts waste coal used to mine bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Their work in reducing waste while facilitating digital power has placed them as a frontrunner in the energy efficiency industry.

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