Are uPVC Windows the Future of Sustainable Residential Construction?

  • Start-up Name: Willamette Windows
  • Industries: Construction, Manufacturing
  • Unique Product: uPVC windows and doors
  • Sustainably focused construction solutions
  • Location: Salem, Oregon, United States

With an increasing focus on sustainability and efficiency in residential construction, it’s not surprising that businesses like Willamette Windows are gaining traction in the sector. Located in Salem, Oregon, this start-up specializes in the manufacture of commercial rated vinyl windows and doors for multi-living and residential homes.

Through utilising uPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) in their windows and doors, Willamette Windows is revolutionizing the construction industry, promoting a more sustainable future for residential construction. This is especially so since uPVC is a natural insulator, thus resisting heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer.

What sets Willamette Windows apart from the competition? Firstly, they offer a diverse product line, including Tilt-Turn, Casement, Awning, Picture widows, and Single Hung windows, as well as Swing doors and Sliding patio doors. Secondly, the company’s uPVC formulation and extrusion process result in superior profiles that outlast and outperform more traditional materials like aluminium or wood.

Moreover, Willamette Windows marries sound abatement with structural strength. It achieves this balancing act through high performance ratings, quality design, and innovative technology. All of these elements combine to underscore the company’s commitment to a more sustainable construction industry.

As we move into the future, Willamette Windows is poised to lead the charge towards more sustainable residential construction. As more individuals and organizations become more conscious of the environmental impact of their buildings, solutions like uPVC windows and doors will only increase in popularity.

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Thus, with their superior products and compelling mission, Willamette Windows should continue to garner attention within the sector. We’re excited to see what else they have on the horizon! Get in touch with them on their website, their Twitter, their LinkedIn page or their Facebook page.

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