Augmenting Real Estate Marketing: A New Dawn in VR and Graphic Design?

Key Takeaways:

  • MimAR is giving a new avenue to the way we look at real estate marketing with their augmented reality based product for the visualization of under construction buildings.
  • Their application offers a mixed reality feature and interactive customer-centric design approaches.
  • MimAR is exploring how augmented and virtual reality can be used in creative industries like graphic design and interior design.
  • Beyond virtual reality, this startup also offers traditional services in graphic design, social media management, and animation.


As the digital reality begins to combine with our physical world, numerous possibilities are being explored. With radical transformations in technology, industries are adapting to the digital world, and one such avenue is being explored by the startup MimAR. Based out of Islamabad, Pakistan, MimAR lies at the intersection of augmented reality, graphic design, real estate, and virtual reality. MimAR’s product offers an innovative approach to real estate marketing, utilizing Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) for the visualization of buildings that are under construction.

MimAR’s offering is not just a technological marvel but is designed to be customer-centric and intuitive. A prospective client can utilize MimAR’s application on a phone or tablet to visualize a building or property, even as it’s being constructed. Their advanced technology allows a mixture of reality and design to be projected onto the actual site, providing real-time context. The designs are interactive, enabling clients to choose amongst different furniture and fixtures to suit their preferences.

Differentiating the Startup:

The key differentiator of MimAR’s product is its client-focused approach. While many companies struggle to present their customers with a tangible understanding of their product before construction, MimAR’s augmented reality technology allows construction companies to provide an immersive and interactive preview of their projects. This not only enhances the clients’ understanding and perception of the final product but also makes the firms more competitive in the marketing arena.

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Furthermore, MimAR strives to provide a wide array of services, moving beyond AR and VR into graphic designs, social media management, architectural designs, interior design, 3D modelling, and animation. This diverse service offering sets MimAR apart by catering not only to client’s visualization needs but also providing support in design and communication fields. The expertise in multiple fields allows MimAR to deliver high-quality, professional services to its clients.

Conclusion – Future:

The future of MimAR appears promising. As more industries begin to adopt AR and VR technologies, companies like MimAR that offer a blend of these advanced technologies with traditional services like graphic design and social media management, stand to gain a competitive edge. Not only does it improve the quality and usability of the services, but it also increases customer engagement and satisfaction, leading to a higher return on investment.

MimAR can be a game-changer in how architectural fields communicate their ideas. As real estate developers and investors shift toward more visual and interactive modes of marketing their projects, MimAR’s applications could lead the way in this digital transformation. To learn more about MimAR and their innovative solutions, visit their Website, Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin.

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