Blip Billboards Review: The Future of Outdoor Advertising is Here

Revolutionizing OOH Advertising: A Comprehensive Review of Blip Billboards.


Ease of Use
Customer Support
Revolutionizing OOH Advertising: A Comprehensive Review of Blip Billboards.

Opening Doors to the World of OOH Advertising

Advertising in today’s fast-paced digital world can often be an uphill task for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). With Blip Billboards, the journey becomes remarkably simpler. A brainchild of seasoned professionals from the technology and marketing spheres, Blip is a revolutionary marketplace that unshackles the power of out-of-home (OOH) advertising.

Distinctive Features & Unique Selling Points

An impressive aspect of Blip is its non-restrictive approach towards advertising. Unlike traditional models, there are no contracts or minimum ad budgets, offering unprecedented flexibility to advertisers. Whether it’s a single local billboard or a combination of the over 2,000 billboards within the Blip network, the choice rests with the user.

Pay-Per-Blip: Affordable Advertising

Blip has ingeniously devised a unique pay-per-blip system, where advertisers only pay for when an ad displays. This granular level of control offers advertisers the ability to decide when and where their ad displays are delivered, ensuring maximum impact at the lowest costs.

Online-First Approach

From campaign creation to making adjustments, everything takes place within Blip’s online platform, enabling efficiency and saving time. Moreover, Blip’s platform also ensures that advertisers are able to advertise on a wider scale without being bogged down by the logistical challenges that usually come with billboard advertising.

Combatting Ad Fatigue

With Blip, advertisers can spread their ad budgets across billboards in addition to online campaigns. This diversification helps alleviate ad fatigue, increase reach, and reduce the cost of scaling online ads, thereby improving their efficiency.

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User Experience & Customer Feedback

Blip’s user feedback is a mixed bag of praises and constructive criticisms. Some users applaud Blip’s affordability, ease of setup, and the ability to see designs on an actual sign within 24 hours. There’s appreciation for Blip’s customer support team, which is often praised for its proactive assistance and genuine interest in the user’s success.

On the flip side, a few users express their concerns over the visibility and reach of their ads, suggesting room for improvement. Additionally, while Blip offers data insights for better ad understanding, some users feel that tracking sales still remains a challenge in comparison to digital advertising.


Blip Billboards is undoubtedly a game-changer in the realm of OOH advertising. Its innovative approach brings outdoor advertising into the hands of SMBs, democratizing a space that was previously out of reach for many. While there may be areas of improvement, its unique pay-per-blip model, flexible ad budgets, and commitment to enhancing ad efficiency make it a formidable player in the market.

For advertisers, especially those within the SMB segment, looking to add an edge to their marketing strategies, Blip Billboards offers a promising and cost-effective solution. As Blip continues to evolve and refine its offerings, it is set to brighten up the future of advertising.

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