Can Cloud-Based Big Data Optimise Restaurant Food Delivery Management?

Key Takeaways:
  • Deliverart revolutionizes restaurant delivery management through cloud-based big data
  • Combines multiple delivery order sources into a single user-friendly interface
  • Offers tailor-made software solutions to increase efficiency and productivity in the food industry
  • Founded by Bryan Atienza Natavio and Eleonora Bove in Rome, Italy, in 2019
  • A part of the Techstars portfolio, Deliverart aims to make full use of digital technologies for the benefit of restaurants

Answering the ever-pressing question, “Can cloud-based big data optimize restaurant food delivery management?” is Italian startup, Deliverart. Established in 2019, this Rome-based company brings together big data, cloud management, and the restaurant industry to transform and streamline the restaurant delivery system. As part of the Techstars portfolio, Deliverart consolidates all home delivery orders—from the restaurant’s own website, apps, calls, and other food delivery platforms—into one efficient, cloud-based software.

Deliverart prides itself on offering a smart, innovative solution to bricks-and-mortar as well as cloud kitchens. With the food delivery industry growing exponentially, the company seeks to facilitate the transition from traditional restaurant operations to a more advanced, digital-based approach, while also maximizing throughput and operational efficiency.

Undeniably, Deliverart’s cloud-based approach to food delivery management stands out in a market filled with disparate ordering systems. Its USP lies in the single interface which brings together orders from a multitude of sources, thus solving a major problem faced by restaurants juggling multiple delivery platforms. Additionally, the software comes with advanced features and add-ons, allowing for a tailor-made solution that can adapt to individual restaurant needs.

More significantly, Deliverart does not exist in isolation. It is designed to interact seamlessly with other management software and services. It is an integration-friendly system that allows third-party APIs to plug-and-play. This ability to collaborate and cooperate with existing systems and platforms marks Deliverart as a flexible, responsive player in the competitive SaaS market.

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With a successful trajectory since its launch, Deliverart’s future prospects are promising. As the food delivery industry continues to expand and digital transformation picks up pace, the demand for a unified, cloud-based food delivery management system like Deliverart is bound to increase. By virtue of its distinctive offerings, substantial tech integration, and modular plug-and-play feature, Deliverart is likely to emerge as an indispensable asset and ally for modern, tech-savvy restaurants.

Follow Deliverart’s journey and stay updated with their offerings at, or on their social media at Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


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