Can Innovative Software Revolutionize Elevator Traffic Analysis and Design?

Key Takeaways:

  • AdSimulo Ltd innovates lift (elevator) traffic analysis and design by providing accurate passenger traffic predictions.
  • The software uses advanced simulation algorithms and incorporates a unique Expert System to offer optimal elevator design solutions.
  • Based in London, AdSimulo is applicable for a wide range of building types and designers, from architects and engineers to consultants.
  • Besides providing comprehensive reports and visual representations, it also meets all latest compliance standards.

AdSimulo Ltd, based in London, England, is simplifying the complex task of elevator traffic analysis and design with an innovative solution. Pioneering a new approach in the realm of elevator design, it’s the first of its kind to offer an advanced lift traffic analysis and simulation application for architects, lift designers and consultants. The software makes use of cutting-edge simulation algorithms to provide highly accurate lift passenger traffic predictions.

But AdSimulo is more than just an intelligent traffic analyser. Incorporated with a unique Expert System, it can efficiently analyse thousands of hours of simulations to provide the most optimal lift design solution based on specific requirements. It operates seamlessly as a cloud-based solution, ensuring convenience and immediacy for its users.

What differentiates AdSimulo in the market is its comprehensive approach towards lift design and analysis. Besides providing clear and accurate traffic analyses, the software supports the design process by providing BIM (Building Information Modelling) files in the IFC format and a complete lift passenger traffic visualisation. This allows designers to visualise how the designed lift system will operate before implementation, reducing the risk for potential issues later on.

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Moreover, AdSimulo adheres to the industry’s latest compliance standards, ensuring designers are working within recognised guidelines. It’s this combined application of technology and standards that sets AdSimulo apart, allowing designers to create more efficient elevator designs for various types of buildings.

AdSimulo, as it moves forward, will continue to be an active player in transforming the way lift design and traffic analysis are approached in the industry. By continually innovating its software and its offerings, it holds the potential to revolutionise a niche yet critical aspect of architectural design. AdSimulo’s software signifies not just progress in elevator design, but also indicates the burgeoning role of technology and data to deliver smarter design solutions in the architectural realm.

Stay updated with AdSimulo’s progress and learn more about their innovative solutions by visiting their website at and following their socials: Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin. It’s fascinating to watch as the future of lift design and analysis takes a leap forward with AdSimulo Ltd.

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