Can Intangible Assets Data Analysis Revolutionize the Information Technology Industry?

Key Takeaways

  • Reputation Capital Data is a startup specialized in intangible assets data analysis, harnessing marketing, HR, PR, sociology and psychology data.
  • The company stands out in their ability to turn vast, inconsistent data sets into actionable business intelligence.
  • Located in Kyiv, Ukraine, this startup applies advanced statistical methodologies in their analysis process, including Factor and Cluster analysis, Path Analysis, and Structure Equation Modelling.
  • They provide comprehensive services, ranging from raw data processing to visual presentation, adaptable to client’s methodologies.
  • Reputation Capital Data’s innovative approach could revolutionize the IT industry by opening new avenues for data-driven decision making.


As the digital age progresses, big data and analytics become integral parts of successful businesses across all sectors. Amidst this, startups like Reputation Capital Data are carving their own niche in the IT industry by focusing on intangible assets data analysis, a largely unexplored territory despite its significant potential. Based out of Kyiv, Ukraine, the company is breaking new ground with their innovative approach to harnessing and interpreting unstructured and often-overlooked data sets.

Reputation Capital Data – a partner you can rely on in the world of data processing. The company specializes in Data Science, putting emphasis on data related to intangible assets. By integrating information from diverse fields such as marketing, HR, PR, sociology, and psychology, the team can convert massive sets of irregular data into insights of great value to businesses.

Analyzing Differentiation

The distinctive feature of Reputation Capital Data lies in its focus on intangible assets data. This choice of domain demonstrates both vision and innovation, as these types of data – though non-physical and hard to quantify – can yield important insights when properly analyzed. The company’s ability to extract meaningful information from these unstructured, diverse datasets sets it apart.

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Reputation Capital Data isn’t limited to the mere collection and analysis of data. The company uses sophisticated statistical methodologies, including Factor and Cluster analysis, Path Analysis, and Structure Equation Modelling, to conduct comprehensive analysis. To ensure insights are effectively communicated, they also handle data visualization, employing tools such as Excel, Power Point, and Power BI.


Looking at the future, there’s a huge potential for Reputation Capital Data to transform the IT industry. They are paving the way for a new focus on intangible assets data in an era of data-driven decision making. The value derived from this data might become instrumental in driving business strategies and informing critical choices.

Follow Reputation Capital Data on their website and on LinkedIn to keep updated with their innovative contributions to the analysis of intangible assets data.

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