Can Precision Probiotics Revolutionize Alternative Medicine and Personalized Healthcare?

Key Takeaways

  • 39ytú Probióticos de precisión desde tu microbiota is a Spain-based startup that offers a unique microbiota test and precision probiotics.
  • The startup’s personalised probiotic care program is designed to help manage conditions like Diabetes, Celiac Disease, Hypercholesterolemia, and more.
  • 39ytú’s two main projects focus on research – Spanish microbiome project, and innovation – thirty nine and you.
  • As the company makes headway in mapping the Spanish microbiome, it aims to be the leader in the healthcare sector.

The world is increasingly shifting towards personalised healthcare and alternative medicine, making these sectors ripe for innovation. A Spanish startup, 39ytú Probióticos de precisión desde tu microbiota, is harnessing the power of precision probiotics and using it to revolutionise the way we approach diseases and overall health. It is the only company worldwide to offer tailored probiotics originating from one’s microbiota. This unique approach has the potential to change the way we look at alternative medicine and personalised healthcare.

Traditional probiotics have been around for some time, but what sets precision probiotics apart is the concept of customisation. By determining each individual’s specific microbiota through a fecal sample test, 39ytú is able to create precision probiotics better suited to individuals and their unique health needs. These customized probiotics can be consumed daily as a liquid yogurt, aiding in conditions such as diabetes, celiac disease, hypercholesterolemia, and more.

Analysis- Startup differentials
What differentiates 39ytú in the crowded field of health diagnoses and biotechnology is its focus on precision. The company does not promote one-size-fits-all probiotics. It instead develops personalised probiotics based on individual microbiota tests. This precision approach helps ensure a more effective treatment regimen than traditional methods, and it also opens up new avenues of treatment for several major health issues.

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In addition to providing personalised probiotics, 39ytú has a dual project focus. With their research-oriented Spanish microbiome project, they’re planning to complete a full mapping of the Spanish gut bacteria microbiome, ensuring a key leadership position in the sector. Their second project, ‘thirty-nine and you’, highlights their direct connection to individual health, with the ’39’ representing the 39 billion bacteria residing in our gut on average.

Conclusion – Future of the industry and startup socials
The future of medicine lies in the personalisation of care. 39ytú’s approach to precision probiotics will not only change our approach to disease treatment but also open the door for us to better understand the role of gut health in our overall wellness. As they continue to map the entire Spanish microbiome, 39ytú will position itself as a leader in the alternative medicine, health diagnostics, and biopharma sectors.

Learn more about 39ytú and their innovative approach on their website at For news and updates, follow them on Twitter at @39ytu, on Facebook at, and on LinkedIn at @iclanp.

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