Can Salesforce Consulting Propel Your Startup’s Software Development Success?

Key Takeaways

  • Blueprint Advisory’s Salesforce consulting and software development services can catalyze a startup’s growth.
  • The startup uniquely leverages its leadership team’s experience of building a successful global software company.
  • Blueprint Advisory anticipates a bright future in the Salesforce consulting and software development industry.


The world of Salesforce consulting and software development presents a vast scope for innovation and success. One company making significant strides through this terrain is Blueprint Advisory, a startup based in Chicago, Illinois. Blueprint Advisory positions itself as a trusted Salesforce product development outsourcer (PDO) and system integrator (SI).

The startup operates with the aim of serving a variety of businesses, from emerging startups to established enterprises, and global product managers. It offers Salesforce consulting, software development, and business advisory services, with the expertise born out of robust real-world experience.

What Sets Blueprint Advisory Apart

Blueprint Advisory’s uniqueness stems from its roots. The startup’s core leadership team, led by CEO Brandon Metcalf, carries the legacy of Talent Rover, the 9th fastest-growing software company in America in 2017. Talent Rover successfully utilized the Salesforce platform to create a powerful sales and recruitment cloud-based solution, experiencing explosive growth before ultimately being acquired by Bullhorn in 2018. This experience, together with the lessons learned through various challenges, sets Blueprint Advisory on a formidable foundation.

The value of such a seasoned leadership team cannot be overstated. The hurdles encountered and surmounted in Talent Rover’s journey, from its inception to exit, have equipped Blueprint Advisory with an unparalleled depth of knowledge and familiarity with the dynamics of building a world-class global software company. This amplifies their consulting and support capabilities, giving them an edge in helping other software companies traverse similar paths.

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Looking Forward

As the world continues to lean into digitization, the demand for custom software and professional Salesforce consulting is bound to grow. With the proven expertise and hands-on experience of Blueprint Advisory’s team, the company is ideally positioned to continue offering valuable services to businesses at all stages of growth. Their focus on Salesforce product development and integration, backed by their experienced leadership team, is anticipated to propel their standing in the industry further.

For more on Blueprint Advisory, visit their website or connect with them on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn

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