Can Traveling Expand Business Outreach for Lifestyle and Office Administration Startups?

Key Takeaways:

  • EntrepX is revolutionizing the startup scene by combining business development with travel.
  • In addition to providing logistical support like housing and offices, EntrepX facilitates essential networking events in top entrepreneurial cities.
  • Benefits include global PR, company morale, inspiration, broadened thinking, more effective deal closures, investor attraction, and the potential for economic dividends.
  • Future plans indicate expanding services to more international cities and across various sectors.

Every entrepreneur dreams of building a successful startup. But often, these dreamers overlook the benefits that can be gleaned from a broader worldview and global experiences. EntrepX, a New York-based startup operating within the intersection of lifestyle, office administration, and travel, is here to change that. The company facilitates traveling for U.S startups, promoting a global immersive journey while they’re developing their products.

EntrepX not just aids in corporate traveling, but it is on a mission to promote global access from the early stages to its clients, positioning startups on a new axis of benefits. It encourages startups to discover the world while expanding their businesses, retaining new clients, and accumulating an array of economic benefits that global travel entails.

What sets EntrepX apart is its unique business model. Going beyond being just a travel facilitator for businesses, EntrepX provides a year-long travel plan to London, Barcelona, Stockholm, and Toronto for startup teams of 8-10 people. This plan includes office space, housing, and travel guidance in each city, eliminating the stress of logistical planning and allowing teams to focus on product development and market expansion.

Additionally, EntrepX also partners with business and entrepreneurial communities in these markets, providing startups with the invaluable resource of networking opportunities. This aligned approach facilitates an increased awareness of the team and their product/service, creating nurturing ecosystems that benefit the startup and the local communities alike.

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As for the future, EntrepX has the vision and the power to redefine how startups operate. The company positions itself as a game-changer in the startup ecosystem, demonstrating its potential to disrupt the norm and invite innovation in the business development process. EntrepX’s unique formula of combining business growth with travel is likely to shape the future of how startups think about expansion.

With a successful implementation of their model in the cities of London, Barcelona, Stockholm, and Toronto, expansion to more international cities and across varied sectors is the natural next step for EntrepX. To know more about EntrepX, visit their website at or check their socials: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. For collaboration and further enquiries, please email them at [email protected].

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