Exploring Delaware’s Revolutionary EdTech Companies: Shaping the Future of Education

Unveiling 15 Innovative Startups in Delaware, United States, that are Transforming Learning Experiences and Empowering Students


Delaware, known for its thriving startup ecosystem, is making significant strides in the field of educational technology (EdTech). The state is home to a diverse range of EdTech companies that are revolutionizing education and enhancing learning outcomes. In this article, we will explore 15 remarkable startups in Delaware that are shaping the future of education. From personalized learning platforms to behavioral science interventions, these companies are leveraging technology to empower students and transform the way we learn.


Quizplus is an EdTech startup that provides students worldwide with a personalized learning experience that combines motivation and engagement.


EduDo offers a mobile learning app that presents engaging and interactive user-generated videos to facilitate effective learning.


Knowtified helps businesses enhance productivity through knowledge transfer and competence assurance, utilizing AI and augmented reality.


PipelinerOnline is an online simulator designed to assist SMBs in developing their financial modeling skills within their work environment.

Student Success

Student Success is a business intelligence and prediction platform that enables educators to personalize education based on individual student needs.

Hypatia Tech

Hypatia Tech is dedicated to transforming education through innovative solutions that empower learners in the digital age.


Deepstash is an app that offers a daily source of inspiring stories and life-changing ideas for personal development.


ecadema is an interactive e-learning platform connecting trainees with certified trainers through private video chat sessions.

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EdMyst disrupts talent development using behavioral science and AI-powered coaching interventions personalized for every individual and business.


FreshLearn is a no-code platform that enables the creation and sale of digital downloads and online courses.

Nifty Learning

Nifty Learning provides operational intelligence for enterprise learning teams, optimizing learning strategies and employee development.


Ultima is an online school that accelerates the careers of individuals by providing industry-relevant education.


Waylight offers an audience monetization platform, allowing content creators to earn revenue through paid video calls, chats, and blogs.

Online Kids Academy

Online Kids Academy is an ESL platform for children aged 3 to 15, providing online English practice with tribal tutors.


Codiggo serves as a digital school and community incubator for gifted individuals, nurturing their talents and fostering a sense of community.


Delaware’s EdTech ecosystem is home to a vibrant community of innovative startups that are revolutionizing education. From personalized learning platforms to AI-powered coaching interventions, these companies are reshaping the way we learn and acquire knowledge. By leveraging technology and data-driven insights, Delaware’s EdTech scene is driving the advancement of education in the digital age. The 15 companies showcased in this article represent just a fraction of the talent and potential that exists within the state’s EdTech bubble. As they continue to innovate and empower learners, Delaware solidifies its position as a hub for educational technology, spearheading the future of education.

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