Exploring North Carolina’s Software Companies: Innovators Shaping Industries

Discover the dynamic software landscape in North Carolina, United States, where groundbreaking companies are revolutionizing industries through cutting-edge solutions and transformative technologies.


North Carolina, renowned for its scenic beauty and rich history, is also becoming a hub of software innovation. The state hosts a thriving community of software companies that are disrupting various industries and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. In this article, we showcase 15 remarkable software companies in North Carolina, each with unique offerings and significant contributions to the tech ecosystem.

Tactyc – Performance Forecasting for Venture Funds

Tactyc is a leading platform providing performance forecasting and planning solutions tailored for venture funds. It empowers venture capitalists with data-driven insights and advanced analytics, enabling informed investment decisions, optimized portfolio performance, and strategic growth.

Beam Dynamics – Enterprise Asset Management for the Broadcast & Film Sector

Beam Dynamics specializes in enterprise asset management software for the broadcast and film industry. Their innovative solution streamlines asset tracking, optimizes resource allocation, and enhances operational efficiency, helping media organizations deliver captivating content while minimizing costs.

Fuse Oncology – Empowering Healthcare with Software Solutions

Fuse Oncology develops software solutions specifically for the healthcare industry, with a focus on oncology. Their cutting-edge technologies streamline workflows, improve patient care, and drive advancements in cancer treatment.

Telios – Secure Peer-to-Peer Email Service

Telios offers an end-to-end encrypted peer-to-peer email service, prioritizing privacy and data security. It enables individuals and businesses to communicate confidentially, safeguarding sensitive information from unauthorized access and surveillance.

Revuud – SaaS Platform for Workforce Management

Revuud simplifies workforce management with its innovative SaaS platform. It helps clients efficiently manage their workforce, control costs, and optimize efficiencies by collaborating with agencies and achieving operational excellence.

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Logra – Empowering SMBs in LATAM with SaaS

Logra provides a groundbreaking SaaS platform tailored for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in Latin America (LATAM). Through consulting services, Logra equips SMBs with tools and insights to drive growth, streamline operations, and achieve long-term success.

UNA Health, Inc – Mobile Recruitment & Compliance Solutions for Healthcare

UNA Health, Inc specializes in mobile recruitment and compliance solutions for the healthcare industry. Their software streamlines the hiring process, ensures regulatory compliance, and improves overall efficiency, enabling healthcare organizations to focus on exceptional patient care.

Upper – Transforming Health Systems for Wellness

Upper is revolutionizing healthcare by developing a comprehensive health system for wellness. Integrating innovative technologies, data analytics, and personalized experiences, Upper empowers individuals to take charge of their well-being, facilitating preventive care and fostering healthier lifestyles.

Leantime – Streamlining Project Management with SaaS

Leantime is a leading SaaS platform that streamlines project management processes. With features like task tracking, collaboration tools, and resource management, Leantime empowers teams to efficiently plan, execute, and deliver projects on time and within budget.

Translational Imaging Innovations – Accelerating Ocular Innovations

Translational Imaging Innovations (TII) develops software platforms that integrate imaging science workflows, with a focus on ocular innovations. Their technologies contribute to advancements in eye care and vision-related treatments by shortening research and development timelines.

Edison Marks – Motivating Cybersecurity for Businesses

Edison Marks offers a pioneering SaaS cybersecurity platform that motivates business owners to prioritize security. Their platform provides actionable insights, threat detection, and risk assessment tools to protect businesses from cyber threats and safeguard valuable assets.

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ROSA Technology – On-Demand Mental Health Interventions

ROSATechnology delivers on-demand mental health interventions to high-need students. Their software platform brings accessible and personalized mental health support, fostering emotional well-being and academic success.

GRAVITL – Building the Distributed Cloud

GRAVITL focuses on building the distributed cloud, leveraging decentralized infrastructure to revolutionize cloud computing. Their solution offers enhanced scalability, security, and efficiency for businesses and developers.

Gatherware – Transforming Healthcare Resource Planning

Gatherware is a leading software provider transforming how healthcare systems plan for and utilize their resources. Their innovative solution optimizes resource allocation, improves operational efficiency, and enhances patient care delivery.

PureSkill.gg – AI-Powered CS:GO Gameplay Analysis

PureSkill.gg utilizes AI and machine learning to analyze CS:GO gameplay, offering valuable insights for players aiming to improve their skills. Their platform provides personalized feedback and guidance to help gamers identify areas for improvement and elevate their gameplay.


North Carolina’s software ecosystem is vibrant and dynamic, with a diverse range of innovative companies driving industry transformation. From performance forecasting for venture funds to healthcare solutions, cybersecurity platforms to mental health interventions, and project management software to AI-powered analytics, these 15 companies exemplify North Carolina’s commitment to technological advancement. As they continue to push boundaries and pioneer new possibilities, these software startups in North Carolina are shaping the future of their respective industries and making a significant impact in the global tech landscape.

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