Exploring the Software Innovation Hub of Vaud, Switzerland: Pioneering Companies Pushing Boundaries

Nestled in the picturesque region of Vaud, Switzerland, a hidden gem of software innovation is thriving. From secure workspaces to quantum solutions and predictive healthcare, Vaud is home to a diverse array of software companies redefining industries. In this spotlight, we dive into the heart of this technological haven, shedding light on 15 remarkable companies that are making waves on both local and global stages.

Strong Network: Secure Workspaces for Global Development Teams

Strong Network empowers global development teams with secure workspaces, enabling them to collaborate seamlessly across borders. By prioritizing data security, this company is driving the future of international software development.

Miraex: Pioneering Quantum Solutions

Miraex pioneers photonic and quantum solutions, revolutionizing sensing, networking, and computing. Their innovative approach to harnessing quantum technology sets them at the forefront of cutting-edge software advancement.

BLENT: Revolutionizing Virtual Consultancy for Hospitality

BLENT, the virtual consultant for the hospitality industry, aggregates real-time data from diverse sources, transforming the way businesses in this sector make informed decisions.

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Tune Insight: Orchestrating Secure Collaborations

Tune Insight orchestrates secure collaborations among organizations to extract collective insights from sensitive data. Their innovative approach is reshaping data-driven decision-making.

Addmin: Democratizing SaaS Document Management

Addmin democratizes access to advanced file organization through their modern SaaS document management system. They’re streamlining workflows and boosting productivity across industries.

Aequaland: Making Learning Inclusive & Fun

Aequaland is on a mission to make learning inclusive and enjoyable. Through their software, they’re transforming education and making knowledge accessible to all.

KickTheMap: Redefining Photogrammetry Services

KickTheMap introduces a novel photogrammetry service for mobile devices, offering users an innovative way to capture and explore the world around them.

Havuta LLC: Data Solutions for Impact-driven Organizations

Havuta LLC specializes in providing robust data solutions for organizations with a focus on making a positive impact. Their software is enabling data-driven change.

Dronistics: Pioneering Last Centimeter Drone Delivery

Dronistics is leading the way in developing a human-friendly drone delivery system for the last centimeter, bringing innovation to remote and hard-to-reach locations.

Alpine Intuition: Scaling AI Algorithms with Ease

Alpine Intuition empowers companies to deploy artificial intelligence algorithms at scale within minutes, accelerating AI adoption across industries.

Prediva: Predictive Healthcare through Machine Learning

Prediva is reshaping healthcare with predictive machine learning software for diagnosing and treating coronary artery disease, enhancing patient outcomes.

ShadeMe: Decentralized Adaptive Shading

ShadeMe introduces a decentralized shading device that optimizes shading positioning automatically, creating energy-efficient and comfortable environments.

SquareFactory: Democratizing AI with AI-as-a-Service

SquareFactory’s AI-as-a-Service platform democratizes AI accessibility, offering affordable and accessible artificial intelligence solutions to businesses of all sizes.

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Atinary: Digitizing R&D with Advanced Technologies

Atinary provides an end-to-end platform for digitizing R&D operations through AI, machine learning, robotics, and cloud computing technologies.

Appik Studio: Crafting Innovative Applications

Appik Studio excels in application development, contributing to the software landscape with innovative solutions tailored to meet diverse business needs.


The software companies of Vaud, Switzerland, are at the forefront of technological innovation, spearheading advancements that have a profound impact on various industries. These 15 companies showcased here are just a glimpse into the vibrant ecosystem of software innovation that thrives in this picturesque Swiss region. As they continue to push boundaries and redefine what’s possible, the world watches eagerly to see what groundbreaking solutions they’ll unveil next.

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