How is Augmented Reality Revolutionizing the E-Commerce and Software Industries?

Augmenteers, an augmented reality and 3D visualization platform for e-commerce, is revolutionizing the e-commerce industry with its innovative product. For anyone unfamiliar with the capabilities of augmented reality, this article aims to shed some light on it all.

In less than two years, Augmenteers has successfully bridged the gap between e-commerce and Augmented Reality. The company provides a straightforward, no app or markers needed solution for online retailers to enrich their websites with dynamic 3D product images. The goal is to enhance the customer experience, increase conversion rates and manage return rates.

Key Takeaways:

  • Augmenteers is pioneering the use of Augmented Reality & 3D Visualization on e-commerce platforms
  • The use of AR in e-commerce platforms allows for a better understanding of products leading to increased conversion rates and decreased return rates.
  • Augmenteers offers a platform for autonomous production and integration of 3D product images for any digital channel.
  • 3D images are continuously adjusted based on obtained data, assisting businesses in managing return rates and boosting conversion rates.
  • Founded in 2019, Augmenteers is based in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

Augmenteers differentiates itself from other AR solutions by offering an innovative, customer-focused approach. The platform is not only designed for the augmented reality experience but is also backed by data-driven insights which are used to continuously optimize the 3D images. Users not only get to incorporate AR into their platforms but also receive vital data on how to manage return rates and help with conversion rates.

This startup offers a truly autonomous experience by allowing users to produce and integrate 3D product images on their own. The ability to embed such images into any digital channel without needing an app or a marker sets Augmenteers far ahead of competitors.

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Looking at the future of Augmenteers, the startup seems to be in a promising space. The integration of Augmented Reality to e-commerce has been fruitful, as it significantly improves customer engagement, product understanding and subsequently increases conversion rates. Their constant improvement based on data obtained puts them on a steady growth trajectory.

With its ground-breaking technology and forward-thinking approach, Augmenteers is definitely a startup to watch out for in the AR and e-com industries. You can learn more about Augmenteers by visiting their website here or their social media pages on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


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