How is Compliance Evolving in the Cyber and Workplace Risk Assessment Industry?

Key Takeaways:

  • Certified By is revolutionizing cyber and workplace risk assessment compliance industries with its unique methodology.
  • The startup’s services range from diagnostic tools for security awareness, risk reports, and comprehensive GAP analysis reports, which help streamline the remediation process.
  • The future of compliance in the cyber and workplace risk assessment industry is fast evolving with the advent of tool such as Certified By.

As the modern business world rapidly digitalizes, the need for advanced compliance platforms in the cyber and workplace risk assessment industries becomes more and more critical. There’s a rising demand for tools capable of dynamically handling the increasing complexities and fast-paced nature of cybersecurity, workplace relations, and ESG standards. Enter Certified By, a Melbourne-based startup committed to providing faster, cheaper, and high-quality risk & essential compliance solutions for SMEs and nonprofits.

Using an “Assess, Report, Remediate, and Certify” methodology, Certified By has positioned itself as a game-changing diagnostic tool in the realm of compliance. It empowers businesses by providing a high-level dashboard view of macro risks and providing actionable, structured improvement pathways to manage those risks effectively.

What sets Certified By apart in this field is its multi-faceted approach, which walks clients through every step of assessment and remediation process. Its automated Risk Report offers a holistic view of potential risks while the GAP Analysis Report breaks down and prioritizes these risks, providing a detailed pathway for improvement. Further augmenting its service offerings, Certified By provides a Program Review, where users can request to explore existing non-conformities and required corrective steps after remediation.

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This unique methodology ensures an extensive, exhaustive, and continuous improvement in compliance and risk management. In the end, upon satisfactory completion of all conformity requirements, users receive a Certificate of Assessment – another key differentiator that offers tangible evidence of compliance.

As we look to the future, the realm of compliance, particularly in cyber and workplace risk assessment, is likely to continue evolving at an exponential pace. In this ever-changing landscape, solutions like those offered by Certified By are likely to become increasingly vital. As an integral part of this industry’s future, Certified By is no doubt setting the pace for innovative, efficient, and comprehensive approaches to risk management and compliance.

For more information about Certified By and their innovative approach to compliance, check out their website at Additionally, follow their latest updates on social media: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. With their distinct methodology and objective to revolutionize the compliance industry, Certified By is a startup to watch closely.

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