How is the Footwear Industry Maximising Recycled Plastics for Synthetic Rubber?

Key Takeaways

  • KS Rubber Industries is bridging the gap between the plastics and footwear industries by recycling plastic bags into synthetic rubber.
  • The Dhaka-based startup is on course to recycle over 570 metric tons of plastic per year, contributing to a reduction in global carbon emissions.
  • The company uses a proprietary formula to transform waste plastic materials into useable synthetic rubber sheets.

Every year, billions of plastic bags are discarded where they often end up in landscapes, waterways, and oceans, posing a significant environmental threat. Stepping in to combat this issue is KS Rubber Industries, a startup revolutionizing the plastics and footwear industries. Based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, the company is dedicated to recycling single-use plastic bags and turning them into synthetic rubber sheets.

KS Rubber Industries has developed an effective proprietary formula that helps convert plastic waste materials into synthetic rubber. The rubber manufactured is then utilized in footwear, cattle farms, and the baggage-luggage industry. With the successful recycling of around two metric tons of plastic bags every day, the startup is actively helping to reduce the harmful global carbon emissions associated with plastic production.

What sets KS Rubber Industries apart from others in the market is their innovative approach to plastic waste recycling. Not only are they recycling LDPE ,HDPE grade granules, and polyethylene but also they are reclaiming rubber from the footwear and tire industry to be used in their production process. By leveraging these materials in their manufacturing, they are reducing overall carbon emissions globally.

Furthermore, KS Rubber Industries has made significant strides in fighting plastic pollution. For every kilogram of fossil-based plastic produced, there is between 1.7 and 3.5 kilograms of carbon dioxide released. Through their specific manufacturing formula and engineering, they endeavor to drastically reduce plastic pollution and support a sustainable future.

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Now and in the coming years, KS Rubber Industries promises to demonstrate the pragmatic way this problem can be addressed. They’re proving that, getting plastic out of the environment can be profitable and good for business. The startup’s innovative solution is a testament to the kind of impact small entrepreneurial ventures can have on global environmental issues.

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