Indonesia’s eFishery Reels in a Whopping $47.7 Million in Series D Round, Fueling the Future of Aquaculture

Key Takeaways:

  • eFishery, an Indonesian ag-tech startup, raises $47.7 million in Series D funding round.
  • 500 Southeast Asia and KWAP are the lead investors.
  • The fresh capital propels eFishery’s total funding amount to nearly $300 million.
  • eFishery is revolutionizing the aquaculture industry with its integrated feeding solutions.

In a ground-breaking Series D funding round, eFishery, an innovative AgTech company headquartered in Bandung, Indonesia, has successfully raised $47.7 million. This impressive financing has boosted the firm’s total funding amount to a hefty $298.6 million, as per details on Crunchbase.

Specializing in sustainable aquaculture and farming solutions, eFishery has shown a knack for innovation that is poised to disrupt the industry. The company’s business focuses on providing integrated feeding solutions for fish and shrimp farming, carving a niche in the tech-based, sustainable farming sector.

The latest fundraising round was led by prominent investors, 500 Southeast Asia and KWAP. With this fresh influx of capital, eFishery’s financial strength is likely to drive further advancements in its unique technology, empowering farmers and fishery operators worldwide.

The company’s growth has been nothing short of phenomenal, as the latest funding round marks the 11th since its inception. With this additional funding, eFishery is well-positioned to boost their research and development, marketing efforts, and expansion into new markets.

In the thriving AgTech industry, eFishery’s unique value proposition is its blend of nutrition, farming, and sustainability technologies. These integrated solutions are designed to optimize feed efficiency, reduce waste, and promote sustainable practices in the global aquaculture sector.

The success of eFishery’s Series D funding round highlights the global investment community’s growing interest in sustainable farming technologies. It also underscores the potential for more AgTech innovation to emerge from Asia, a region traditionally known for its extensive agriculture and farming sectors.

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For more information about eFishery and its offerings, please visit the company’s official website.

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