Inspace XR Raises AUD 6M Seed Funding: A Quantum Leap for AR/VR in Real Estate

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Key Takeaways

  • Inspace XR successfully raised AUD 6 million in seed funding, led by B Capital Group and OIF Ventures.
  • The startup has a history of four funding rounds, with a total funding amount reaching AUD 10.75 million.
  • Inspace XR specializes in creating leading-edge AR/VR tools designed for the real estate sector.
  • The fresh funding will be channeled to bolster the company’s innovative endeavors and strengthen its market presence.

Sydney-based startup Inspace XR has made a bold move in the world of AR/VR technology, announcing a whopping AUD 6 million seed fundraise. The fundraise, led by B Capital Group and OIF Ventures, marks a significant milestone in the tech startup’s journey towards revolutionizing the real estate sector with its cutting-edge AR/VR tools.

According to Crunchbase, this brings Inspace XR’s total funding to AUD 10.75 million across four funding rounds, firmly placing it in a powerful position to forge ahead with its groundbreaking developments.

Inspace XR is making waves within the electronics, real estate, and software industries. Their innovative approach combines virtual reality and augmented reality to create immersive tools specifically designed for the real estate sector. With this newly-acquired fundraise, the company has a robust war chest to push its technology boundaries and expand its market presence.

Notably, the fundraising round was not limited to lead investors B Capital Group and OIF Ventures. Inspace XR also saw participation from Investible, further adding credence to the growth potential and innovative capabilities of the tech startup.

Moving forward, with the recent funding influx, we can expect to see Inspace XR pushing boundaries, creating novel AR/VR tools, and solidifying their standing in the real estate sector.

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The tech startup’s recent fundraise serves as a testament to the market’s growing confidence in the potential of AR/VR technology, particularly in transforming how we interact with and experience the real estate world. This could very well mark the dawn of a new era where property buying, selling, and exploration are not bound by physical presence or geographical constraints.

As we continue to watch the ascension of Inspace XR, the future of AR/VR technology in real estate undoubtedly appears to be both promising and exciting.

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