Is Automated Status Changing the Future of Remote Workplace Communication?

Key Takeaways:

  • The nature of workplace communication has significantly changed due to the rise of remote work.
  • Pulse, a startup based in Menlo Park, California, has devised an innovative way to address this transformation.
  • By automating status changes for digital workplace tools like Slack, Pulse enhances collaboration and reduces interruptions.
  • This advanced approach to communication signals could shape the future of remote work by replicating traditional office presence in a digital space.


As the digital age progresses, remote work continues to grow in popularity, and the need for effective digital workplace communication tools becomes paramount. The shift towards more remote and flexible working arrangements has pushed companies, teams, and startups to find solutions for the nuanced challenges this trend presents. This is where Pulse, a startup based in Menlo Park, California, comes in. Specializing in Information Technology, Intelligent Systems, Meeting Software, Messaging, Unified Communications, and more, Pulse aims to streamline and enhance the communication process.

To address the remote work challenges such as less collaboration, rampant distractions, and notification fatigue, Pulse develops an automated status changer for digital workplace communication tools. Gone are the days of the simple green dot. With Pulse, availability is signaled, interruptions are reduced, and collaboration is dramatically improved.

Analyzing Pulse:

Unlike traditional status changers, Pulse goes beyond simply indicating availability. It mimics in-person office presence in a digital environment, allowing team members to feel more connected and engaged. Co-founders Jagit Srawan, Raj Singh, and Rolf Rando have given the system the capacity to be configurable by the user, allowing the tool to be molded to individual or company needs. This level of specificity tailors the tool directly to the user’s personal preferences, enhancing productivity in the process.

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This concept of automatic status changing is a break from the norm and a highly progressive step for the IT and digital communications industry. Pulse is pioneering a new form of communication that addresses the unique challenges that distributed teams now face. It’s a fresh take on an age-old system, bolstering productivity and making digital collaboration more actionable and efficient.


Considering its innovative approach to virtual communication, Pulse has the potential to pioneer significant changes in the remote work sector. The startup’s solution addresses a prevailing issue in the remote world: how to make digital communication more personable and conducive to productive work. Looking to the future, the automation of presence and status offers a promising outlook for the remote work landscape, potentially changing the way distributed teams collaborate and interact.

Connect with Pulse and stay informed via their social media channels: check out their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages. For more information or to explore their services, visit their website. Automated status changing with Pulse might just be the future of remote workplace communication.

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